Advantech Medical Computers Enable Remote Surgery Demonstrations

Advantech Medical Computers Enable Remote Surgery Demonstrations

Advantech Europe B.V.


Beijing, China


A third-tier Class-A hospital located in Beijing, China, provides integrated medical services that include patient treatment, clinical training and research, as well as public healthcare education and disease prevention. In addition to serving as a critical care guidance center, the hospital provides resident physicians and medical experts with specialist training in contemporary therapeutic procedures, such as endoscopy, making it one of the most important training grounds for clinical physicians in China.

Apparently, one third of all patients residing in hospitals nationwide are assessed as critically ill. Thus, to further improve the quality of medical education, the hospital recently adopted a new solution for surgery demonstrations. That is, a medical visualization informaticsplatform that increases the ease and efficiency of managing and accessing medical images/videos. Tocomplete this solution, medical-grade touchscreen computers were alsorequired to function as platform controllers. Besides satisfying medical standards for water and dust resistance, the hospital required computers with an antimicrobial coating, all-in-one functionality, stability and reliability, as well as a slim design due to space limitations.


After comparing similar devices, the hospital selected Advantech’s POC-W242 24-inch medical touchscreen computer. This innovative device features an Intel® Core™ i7 4650U processor, 4G RAM, 500 GB hard drive, and 10-point projected capacitive touchscreen. A POC-W242 terminal was mounted on the wall of the operations management room to serve as a controller for the new medical visualization informatics platform. Medical personnel can use the POC-W242 touchscreen to switch between video inputs during surgery demonstrations or educational activities.


The platform is essentially a video processing device that integrates data from various inputs, such as a fluoroscope, PACS, ultrasound, vital signs, and/or video surveillance camera. When conducting remote surgery demonstrations or related research, medical personnel can switch between video inputs by using the POC-W242 terminal as a platform controller. The highly responsive projected capacitive touchscreen allows users to rapidly switch between video inputs, minimizing operational errors. Furthermore, the POC-W242 terminal can also be connected to an external touch panel via an RS-232 cable, enabling more convenient and flexible use.


  • Advantech’s POC-W242 medical-grade point-of-care terminal satisfied the hospital’s various requirements. According to feedback provided by the hospital, POC-W242 delivers the following benefits:
  • Compliance with various medical and IT certification standards, including UL60601-1, EN60601-1, UL, CE, FCC, and CCC. The fanless system design and IP54-rated cover ensure adequate infection control and convenient sanitization.
  • The all-in-one, compact design is ideal for operating theatres with limited space.
  • The projected capacitive touch panel delivers enhanced responsiveness, superior stability, and an extended lifecycle. The multi-touch interface also supports operationwith gloved hands.
  • The high-performance Intel® Core™ i7 processor and industrial-grade design benefit the IT department by facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

Advantech is a leading provider of industrial computers, with a reputation for developing extremely durable and reliable products. Additionally, Advantech has established several branch offices and service centers around the world to ensure rapid and comprehensive customer service.

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