AirLink - AODB Management System

Liberalisation and deregulation of the airport industry have led to increasing competition. New airlines and business models have emerged. Airline structures have changed in such a way that competition is no longer exclusively between single carriers but between air traffic systems and their airports. In order to stay ahead in this new environment, an airport has to increase its efficiency and reduce cost by streamlining its operations, improving its decision-making, making better use of resources and, last but not least, by improving collaboration between the airport partners.

AirLink is an Airport Operational Database (AODB) Management System which helps you to realise this aim. It provides common, timely, accurate and reliable information to all airport partners by collaboration and sharing between the partners. Each of the airport partners will experience an improved situational awareness and their processes will become more predictable. This will result in three elementary operational benefits: improved flexibility, improved efficiency, improved punctuality. AirLink will provide your airport with an advantage over your competition.

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