AVIFORM Runway De-Icing Agent


ADDCON is a German based company providing green chemical products for the de-icing and anti-icing of airport runways and taxiways. They began manufacturing environmental silage additives and have used their knowledge and experience to develop, over the last 60 years, to a point where they now supply many different industries.

The organic salts, also known as formates, provided by ADDCON for airport de-icing duties are used due to their excellent de-icing properties, environmental benefits and the fact that they are compatible with most types of material.more

Runway De-Icing Agent

For the airport industry, ADDCON have developed a runway de-icing agent product range under the name of AVIFORM. This de-icing solution has been specially formulated to provide the maximum level of friction for aircraft on runways and taxiways, ensuring safe take off and landing.

The powerful agent was the first, and for a long while only, potassium formate-based de-icer available in the industry. This helped to establish it as an extremely reliable and powerful solution which can provide effective runway de-icing services, even at very low temperatures.

By providing adequate friction between asphalt or concrete and aircraft tires, the runway de-icing agent helps to not only ensure safety but also assists in the smooth daily runnings of the airport, even in severe weather conditions.

In addition to this, the fantastic environmental properties of the AVIFORM product range help airports to increase their green credentials without having to spend extra revenue on major procedure or equipment changes.


The AVIFORM range is made up of two different products, AVIFORM L50 - a potassium formate liquid and AVIFORM S-Solid - a sodium formate solid.

Both of these de-icing agents feature the same environmental benefits, making them some of the most eco-friendly products on the market. They also help to reduce the costs normally associated with run-off collection and treatment due to the lack of dangerous or harmful chemicals.


  • 50% potassium formate liquid agent
  • Compatible with standard spraying equipment
  • Prevents ice-to-surface bond for mechanical removal of ice
  • Precautionary use before bad weather
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of SAE AMS 1435 (latest revision)


  • Granulated sodium formate agent with corrosion inhibitors
  • Penetrates ice up to 8mm to break surface bond
  • Undercuts ice layers to enable mechanical cleaning
  • Use during severe weather
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of SAE AMS 1431 (latest revision)

VIAFORM - Road and Path De-Icing

In addition to the airport de-icing products, ADDCON are also able to supply de-icing agents for use in municipal and private industries. The VIAFORM range is ideal for use on roads, paths and company premises, in and around airports as well as in cities and towns.

The agent works quickly to remove ice from roads and paths, making them safe for travel. It is also safe for use in public areas due to its biodegradability and lack of toxic components which could effect humans, animals or plant life. Due to the know-how of ADDCON on material compatibility VIAFORM is beneficial for most equipment and materials in terms of corrosion.

Available in both liquid and granulated form, VIAFORM provides a winter de-icing solution to suit all requirements.less


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