A380 "Safedocks" in Dubai


A380 “Safedocks” in Dubai

The inaugural Dubai bound flight of the Airbus A380-800 successfully docked at Bay F13,Concourse 1, Dubai International Airport on November 19, 2005 at 1700hrs. The aircraft was guided to its designated stop position by Safegate's laser-based Safedock® Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS). This marks the first live docking of an A380 by a VDGS system and demonstrates Safedock’s readiness for the future.

This momentus docking was activated from Safegate’s Gate Operating System (GOS, the central VDGS workstation located at the control tower. The aircraft was successfully stopped on the stop bar generating the first Airbus A380 Blocks On time stamp. The size of the A380 aircraft and the existing airport infrastructure requires that the 380 park extremely close to the terminal wall.

To meet the demand safely the Safedock® can park the A380 as close as two meters from the building at an astonishing accuracy of just 10 cm. A VDGS incorporating the 'AIRCRAFT VERIFICATION FEATURE' was used to dock the Airbus A380. This enhanced safety feature compares the profile of the incoming aircraft to that selected by the operator.

The system successfully docks the aircraft only when the two profiles are compatible. If the two profiles are not compatible the system stops the aircraft at least twelve meters before the stop position to prevent a possible collision with a boarding bridge or any other object.

A380 Safedocking

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