A-380 familiarised with Safegate


Airports which require the A-380 to be parked close to the terminal will need accurate docking procedures. Other airports need to strengthen and widen the taxiways, runways and aprons to be able to accommodate and operate the aircraft. Projects like these often result in delays and customer inconvenience making the development process for the airport a lot more difficult.

Safegate has already gained valuable experience by successfully docking the aircraft at both Heathrow & Dubai airports using the Safedock A-VDGS system. In Toulouse the home town of the A380, Safegate's ASP addressable lighting system is used to control and monitor the airfield lighting. The ASP system can be easily and inexpensively extended because of its power line carrier technique without disturbing the daily traffic and as most of the installation work is undertaken from the substation, delays and customers inconvenience are greatly minimised.

Press release December 2006

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