Airport Tower Solutions and Airfield Lighting Control


ACAMS AS is a Supplier of Airport Tower Solutions to the international civil and military aviation market.

Our supplies range from basic single systems to full-scale turnkey tower refurbishment or new TWR programs.

The main functions supported are:The ACAMS core product is a computer system providing an integrated and homogenous solution to the basic monitoring and control requirements of an airport tower, the Integrated TWR Control, Monitoring & Display System.more

Airfield Lighting Control

ACAMS Airfield Lighting Monitoring And Control System provides control and monitoring functionality for all different Airfield Lighting. The ACAMS ALCMS can be used for all known makes of AFL, new and old in any combination.

The ALCMS can be supplied as a standalone system or integrated with any other ACAMS functionality.

Meteorological Information Display

The ACAMS MET module displays all meteorological information that is required in the tower including:

  • Barometric pressure: QNH, QFE, QFF
  • Air temperature and dew point
  • Runway temperature
  • Cloud base and ceilometer information
  • Runway visual range
  • Runway status report
  • Wind direction and speed (instantaneous, 2 min average, 10 min average)
  • Transition level

Typical screen layout:

Meteorological Information Display

The ACAMS system interfaces to the met sensors, MET computers or Met Instruments available in the tower.The ACAMS system supports all known meteorological sensors.

Navigational Aids Status Monitoring and Control

The ACAMS Navaids module provides the user with a continuous monitoring of the various NavAids operational status.The NavAids monitoring can be supplied as a standalone system for multiple sites monitoring or integrated with any other ACAMS functionality for local monitoring. Basic control functionality is also offered.


ACAMS ATIS automatically generates speech or data messages based on automatic or manual imput.

  • Information System comprising:
  • Maps
  • Documents with text and graphics
  • Tabulated data
  • Flight Data
  • AFTN Display
  • CAT III Status Panel
  • Time Synchronisation & Display
  • Tower Cabin Internal Lighting Control
  • Direction Finder
  • Sun Shade Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Entrance Control
  • Notice Board
  • Conversion Calculator
  • Data Logging
  • External Alarms

More than 20 TWRs are equipped with various ACAMS solutions. Our Integrated TWR system has been in operation since 1999.less


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