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AAR Mobility Systems

AAR Services and Technical Support

In addition to designing and manufacturing a wide range of shelters, containers, and pallet systems, AAR Mobility Systems also provides high-quality after-market support for our products, as well as the products of other manufacturers.






To support our mobility products as well as others, AAR offers many different types of services:

  • Shelter System Integration
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Mobile Field Services
  • Testing
  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Mobility Deployment Solutions
  • Training Services

Supported by years of manufacturing excellence, we design solutions, integrate custom configurations, extend the life of systems, and support mission requirements from design through completion.

We provide you the necessary operational capability today, and for the future.


  • Shelter System Integration
    Systems Development to include Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) 
  • Enhanced capability to configure and integrate mission essential equipment into government-owned shelters and containers
  • 10 to 1 cost savings for refurbishment, overhauls, and modifications to hard and soft-sided shelters and containers
  • Integrate environmental control units, generators and refrigeration units, as well as maintenance facilities



  • Maintenance and Repair Services
    Inspection and serviceability assessment for shelters, containers, and pallets
  • On-site and field repair capability
  • Repair of air conditioners, environmental control units, and refrigeration units
  • Repair and re-certification of ISO shelters to CSC standards







  • Testing AAR
    Water Tightness Testing on shelters and containers
  • EMI/RFI Testing on shelters and containers
  • G-force aircraft load analysis and other dynamic conditions encountered in various transport modes (rail, helicopter sling, off-road)
  • One of two approved G-force facilities in the continental United States for dynamic testing of shelters, containers, and pallets









  • Testing AAR
    Structural design and analysis
  • Thermal modeling of insulated/refrigerated containers
  • Design and analysis of composite structures and panels
  • Prototyping of new and integrated shelters and containers to meet mission requirements
  • Strategic level planning to support integrated systems in unique acquisition plans
  • Lifecycle support for extending life and expanding capabilities to include re-purposing existing fleets



  • Mobility Deployment Solutions
    Air transportability assessments
  • Program management support
  • Rapid deployment planning with emphasis on optimizing use of container and shelter systems
  • Development of customized modules to support operations in hostile and remote locations
  • Detailed planning on Bear Base operations to include special skilled personnel in generation power repairs, ECU repairs, water and fuel distribution systems



  • Training Services
    On-site training teams for installation and operation of shelters, containers, pallets and ground support equipment
  • Mobile training teams for Movement Control and Load Planning Operations
  • On-site training teams for newly fielded shelters, containers and pallets
  • Maintenance training on shelters, containers and pallets
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