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Peltor was founded in 1950 and is located in the town of Varnamo, Sweden. The company specialise in the the fields of head, face and hearing protection. However for military applications they mainly focus on eyewear, passive and electronic hearing protectors. Peltor have since become a subsidiary of 3M.

3M was founded in 1902 and located in St Paul, Minnesota, USA. The company employs 75,000 people, has 60 subsidiaries and is located in 200 countries. 3M serves customers all over the world through six business segments; 'Consumer and Office', 'Display and Graphics', 'Electro and Communications', 'Health Care', 'Industrial, Transportation and Safety' and 'Security and Protection Services'.more

Ballistic Eye Protection

Ballistic eye protection products from Peltor™ are highly advanced in terms of eye protection coupled with lenses that offer exceptionally clear vision. Innovative lens technology allows Peltor™ products to achieve an impressive 180º of vision with zero distortion giving the wearer the best possible vision in combat situations. For protection the lenses are coated in the 3M™ DX™ coating. The frames are of a similar high quality design that ensure attractive and comfortable eyewear.

Passive Hearing Protection

Choosing the correct type of hearing protection for a task is of vital importance for conserving your hearing. If presented with a range of passive hearing protection options instead of just one, the wearer can tailor their hearing protection to suit specific tasks.

This will result in higher compliance to hearing safety guidelines, therefore protecting the wearer and keeping them healthy and effective. Peltor™ provide a wide range of passive hearing protection products to ensure users can find protection for any eventuality.

Electronic Hearing Protectors

The tactical range of electronic hearing protectors from Peltor™ are designed to protect the wearer from very loud and damaging noises whilst allowing and even amplifying quieter ambient noises. This type of hearing protection is of huge importance to the military as it allows soldiers to relay information and orders to each other whilst their hearing is protected from the deafening noises of battle, such as explosions and the sounds of military vehicles.

Communication Headsets

There is a wide range of Peltor™ communication headsets allowing users choose a headset that is ideal for any task. All Peltor™ communication headsets and associated communications equipment feature the same connectors and adjustments. This commonality means that all of their communication products can be used together with no compatibility issues allowing users to switch between communication systems quickly and simply. Peltor can offer different PTT adapter for the most common communication radios to connect between the Headset and the Radio.less


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