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3D Interaction Technologies

3D Interaction Technologies (3DIT) creates interactive, high-performance visualisations for terminal planning, logistics and land-side infrastructure applications.

These include real-time 3D walkthrough models of complete airports that run on a laptop, or plug-in-free 3D web explorers of complex equipment and designs.

With a combination of 3D games and movies, we have created a completely new medium: Our Govies merge the freedom of gaming surroundings with the organized scenery of a video. At any time, the user can interrupt the filmic presentation by interacting with the 3D model in real-time.more

Our virtual 3D models convey a lifelike impression of how a product is composed and used. The 3D object and its parts can be explored by rotating, zooming or starting selected activities. In doing so, the user develops a profound understanding of the product, its functions and the technology behind it.

3DIT specialises in producing virtual 3D presentations and models of products, facilities and technologies, which can be rotated, zoomed, entered, configured, used and taken apart in real time. As no rendering is required upfront, the user is absolutely free to explore the model.

By combining 3D computer graphics with gaming technology, 3DIT creates photorealistic, real-time applications that can be implemented offline on a PC, or online, plug-in free in web browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

Photorealistic, interactive 3D representations of logistics and machinery

3DIT's solutions provide an interactive yet better real-world experience when compared with images or conventional video.

For the first time, it is possible to create complete, photorealistic interactive 3D models of entire terminals, buildings or facilities containing all relevant equipment, working spaces and media supply tubes.

The company efficiently combines data from various planning programmes into a single walkthrough environment, which creates a high-quality 3D model of a building, logistics or equipment project, which can be explored stutter-free on regular PCs and laptops.

3D Real-Time Factory3D Real-Time Facility

Figure 6: Video of a complete 3D real-time facility that can be arbitrarily walked through, zoomed, tilted etc. The spatial impression in the native 3D App is much better than with a conventional video.

Figure 5: Gallery of a 3D real-time factory, including a handling system and machines distributed over several floors.

Virtual auditing applications for airport projects

3DIT's customised 3D visualisations help to view and evaluate planned terminals in a virtual audit or during the operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT) process (for example, regarding safety and hygiene concepts, baggage handling, airport interior), even before they are actually built or opened.

Concerns of potential customers can be efficiently identified and eliminated early in the design stage by vividly demonstrating relevant details and ideas, reducing time and errors.

The virtual 3DIT model can be used directly, or optimised for maintenance planning and training purposes. After the terminal has opened, the model can be used as an integrated component of interactive 3D passenger information systems, passenger flow monitoring tools and other applications.

An appealing and intuitive 3D walkthrough is an attractive possibility to involve investors and executives in technical content when taking high-investment decisions.

3D configurators for interior designs or machines

3DIT's intuitive 3D configurators provide a quick and clear overview of a product's variations. They help to configure the client's preferred version of their product, as well as expedite and automate sales processes when connected to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management system.

Configurators are designed for the composition of interior designs in the transportation industry or for the configuration of machines or whole facilities such as modular construction systems.

3D Real-Time Aircraft 3d Interior Design

Figure 8: Gallery of a 3D real-time scene with superb interior design. Unlike a picture, one can arbitrarily walk through & look around within the building – on a conventional laptop or tablet, without glasses.

Figure 7: Gallery of an exemplary 3D real-time aircraft environment for demonstration of the benefits of electric devices / circuits potentially built into it.

Versatile applications for customer attraction

High-end 3D visualisations convey a lifelike impression of how a product or facility is assembled and how it works. One 3D presentation explains products or technology better than several tables and charts.

These visualisations can readily be integrated on websites, tradeshow booths and in point-of-sale communications. As they are attractive to customers and convey an innovative company image, while helping to comprehensibly explain technical details or advantages of hi-tech products, 3DIT's visualisations speed-up customer dialogue and the quotation process.

3D visualisations for mobile maintenance operations

3D visualisations are an ideal part of innovative and comprehensible instruction manuals, as they can explain the commissioning and installation of certain products or illustrate maintenance work. These result in fewer mistakes and reduced training times.

Figure 9: Video of a 3D real-time scene designed for a control center display, here of a large technical facility with valves and tubes including 3D real-time data visualization via an OPC server connection.

About 3D:it

Founded in 2010 and based in Dresden, Germany, 3DIT is a pioneer in creating 3D real-time visualisations for industrial applications.

The company creates synergies between experienced engineers, computer scientists, designers and marketing specialists to develop cutting-edge presentation tools and 3D solutions for the industrial sector.less


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