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Child resistant closures and safety caps are designed to keep infants and small children from ingesting dangerous drugs and substances. Typically, the packaging is designed to be proof against children up to 52 months of age, whilst allowing adults to open the packaging without difficulty. Most designs rely on the fact that young children are unable to carry out two simultaneous actions, such as pushing and turning or sqeezing and turning the lid or aligning arrows before attempting to open. Non-resealable blister packs can be designed to require a combination of peeling and pushing, or can simply be made with sturdy paper labels, which are resistant to children's fingernails. Child resistant packaging must comply with the international BS EN ISO 8317:2004 standard, the American 6 CFR 1700.20 standard, the European BS EN 862:2005 standard for non-medicines or the European BS EN 14375:2003 standard for medicines. more

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