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Packaging supplies & packaging materials, including cardboard boxes, cartons, bubble wrap, house moving kits, void-fill, antistatic supplies, postal boxes, mailing cartons, storage boxes flat-packed boxes, double wall boxes, disposable crates, strong cartons, flat-packed boxes, carriers, cartons, decorative tin boxes, metal boxes, plastic boxes and presentation boxes. Browse for all types of carrier, cartons, bags and boxes for a multitude of food production and packaging applications. more

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  • Robin Taylor

    Pactivate Limited

    I'm a bit of a packaging geek and love coming up with new ideas and solving packaging problems. Whether it's a complex pop-up for mass manufacture or a luxury presentation box, I can help you come up with a solution that works for your product.

  • Stephan Boldt

    Carpentier Packaging GmbH

    Managing Carpentier Packaging since 2011, Stephan Boldt has a vast experience in Packaging techniques in the food, confectionary, hygenics and cosmetics industry.

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