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Bird Management Systems are one of the prime safety factors for airports and pilots to consider. Advanced bird warning technologies include bird scaring equipment, ultrasonic and advanced electronic control units, airside bird control units, bird deterrents and services including falcon sweeping. Installing Bird Management Systems can help increase the safety of wildlife and humans by reducing birds or bats flying into aircrafts and power lines and turbines. Bird Strikes are when birds get ingested into jet engines and stop the fan blades from moving, causing system failures in aircrafts. BASH (bird aircraft strike hazard) is when birds crash into aircrafts or windscreens. Bird Management Systems can include methods such as visual, auditory or tactile repellents as well as habitat management and reviews to try and deter wildlife from airports, increase the safety of passengers and employees and reduce costly hazardous accidents. Flight paths can also be changed to avoid bird hazards at low altitude. Prevent bird strikes and collisions with Bird management systems offered by our suppliers below. more

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