Renful Premier Technologies

Security X-ray Operator Training, Simulation and Testing Solutions

With over 12 years experience and customers in more than 30 countries in the world, Renful Premier Technologies have established their place as a leading provider of training and testing solutions in the field of security X-ray operation.

We have independently developed a comprehensive solution to the recruitment, training and testing of X-ray operators, a solution comprising of three modules: Pre-M Selection Testing, Trefox and Simfox.

Renful can also offer consultancy, risk assessments, security seminars and courses, passport and fraudulent document verification equipment, simulated/mock explosive, drugs and booby trap kits, CTP and STP kits etc.

X-ray Operator Training and Pre-Employment Testing - Pre-M

Pre-M has been developed to assess the suitability of candidates who wish to train as X-ray operators. It is the only pre-selection test of its type on the market. Pre-M is designed for testing the candidate’s suitability to be an operator, under a number of different criteria, including image interpretation skills, colour blindness deficiency, threat object recognition, personality traits, sustained attention and so on.

CBT for Xray Operators: Training Essentials for X-ray - TREFOX

TREFOX is a CBT program, which provides the ideal beginner X-ray course to the newly-recruited operator, supplying all the vital knowledge needed to enable him to commence his duties. Chapters on the nature of X-rays, the features of the X-ray machine, health and safety considerations, the interpretation of X-ray images and a vital introduction to threat object recognition are all included in this interactive CBT program.

Threat Image Processor & Training/Testing Simulator for X-ray - SIMFOX

SIMFOX is the only program currently available that allows instructors to virtually create (with the aid of the Threat Image Processor) an unlimited succession of bag sessions for the training and testing of X-ray operators. Staff progress can be continually monitored by means of a wide range of automatically generated live statistical reports created within the program.

Pre-M, Trefox and Simfox combine to provide the most advanced recruitment profiling, CBT and X-ray training and testing simulation systems currently available on the market.

Renful has provided services to Governments, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, Airlines, Security Companies, Business Corporations, Immigration & Police Authorities, Prisons and Parliaments, the Military etc.

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