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Various RFID read and read/write devices, all from one supplier - ProxTech International has many years experience in the design, development and manufacture of RFID proximity readers and systems for use in a wide variety of applications. Technologies include:

  • Read Only (EM4102 and compatibles)
  • HiTag1
  • HiTag2
  • Mifare
  • Legic
  • I-Code
  • Temic

ProxTech readers are manufactured in Europe and have been used in many installations without fault. They are robust, easy to fit and install and offer excellent security levels. The main features of ProxTech products are high performance at competitive price.

ProxTech Mini proximity card reader

The ProxTech Mini reader is our biggest seller with one of the best read ranges in the industry providing typically a 20cm read range of an ISO Card tag reading making it operable behind brick walls for total vandal-free security.

All readers are fully potted ensuring that weather does not affect them when located outside, and come with a full warranty. Individual data sheets are available for the complete range of ProxTech products and can be sent on request. Designed to be incorporated in to a variety of installations, ProxTech offer their complete range of RFID technologies in a variety of standard housings.

ProxTech Mini proximity card readerTo ensure compatibility with most legacy and other systems on the market where installing new or upgrading ProxTech systems, transponder formats will soon include both ASK & FSK formats. Output protocols can be fully user customised or with standard formats including TTL, RS232, RS485, Clock & Data as well as standard 26, 37 & 42 bit Wiegand, all reader outputs can be defined to suit the user.

Reader designs include Panel Mount, Mullion, Ceiling, Floor and Wall Mounted, as well as Flush Mount. Read ranges always depend on local conditions but are proven to be the best in the industry with typically 200 mm from the standard mullion reader and up to 600 mm for the long range proximity reader. OEM Modules in all different technologies complete the range of ProxTech products and offer the user the possibility to integrate a finished RFID module into his existing terminal.


New Developments

CenProx Lock
On the face of it this looks like any other lock. The difference is it can be opened and closed using smart card technology, either at source or remotely by PC. The lock, designed by Europe’s leading lock designer, has one sole operating mechanism which can be activated electronically using an RFID device or mechanically using a traditional key. Whether hard-wired or wireless, the lock provides a secure and insurable central locking system for residential and business premises. The locks are also able to collect data making them perfect for applications such as time and attendance, and part of a cashless vending network where door control figures such as in hotels, clubs and housing association retail communities.

ProxLock PL1000 network
A recent development is the network version of the stand-alone PL1000 keypad/prox card door entry system, which takes up to 255-networked units on a RS485 Bus. The PL1000 is an excellent performance reader, which provides instant card refiguring in the case of loss or theft, unlike the shadow card system, which requires total card replacement.

ProxTech universal I/O Module
A new item, being released soon is a multi-purpose universal I/O module. This easy to fit module allows for a wide variation of applications such as interface converter, door opener driver and supervisor for access control applications, I/O module for simple stand-alone systems, and many more. Application areas are many.

This easy to fit module, equipped with a series of inputs and outputs (both transistor and relays) will allow the user an easy integration of any Wiegand or Clock&Data readers into an addressable RS485 bus, interfacing smoothly between the 2 data protocols. The incorporated relays make it easy to drive e.g. a door lock or a signalling device when a specific transponder is being detected. And this is without the need for an expensive alarm system.

ProxTech LSE series
As a result of a request from some of our dealers, ProxTech has developed a full range of readers fit into the well-known and nicely designed Siedle OLM611 flush mount housing. This type of reader is available in all technologies, including EM4102, Mifare, Legic, Hitag1/2 and Temic.

ProxTech Mini proximity card reader

The Range:

ProxTech ModuleProxTech Module
Fits neatly into other manufacturer’s door entry panels. Up to 10cm read range.

Typically used in blocks of apartments for main door access or time & attendance terminals. Available for all technologies, including EM4102, Mifare, Legic and Hitag1/2.

ProxTech Mini
Mullion reader, suitable for any access control application including time and attendance. Useful for any RFID application. Long read range provides burial behind brick walls for vandal-proof usage. Optional keypad version available (Mini/K). Available for all technologies, including EM4102, Mifare, Legic and Hitag1/2.

ProxTech MCR
Wall mount reader, useful for any RFID application. Available for all technologies, including EM4102, Mifare, Legic and Hitag1/2.

ProxTech Mini

ProxTech MCR/K
As MCR, but completed with a keypad

ProxTech PL1000
Stand alone door entry. Keypad PLUS card system. 500 users memory. 12cm read range. Ideal for small care homes, apartments, hotels etc. Available for all technologies, including EM4102, Mifare, Legic and Hitag1/2.

ProxTech PL1000N
NEW. As PL1000 but networkable version – up to 255 units linked

ProxTech PL3000
As PL1000 with a remote reader (control on the secure side). Read range 18cm.

ProxTech Maxi
Read ranges for passive ISO Cards of up to 600mm can be achieved using ProxTech Maxi readers, ideal for Car Parks etc. where read range is critical to practical implementation. Provides access control for vehicles and trolleys.

RFID Application overview using ProxTech technology
ProxTech tokens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ISO cards, tiny injectible glass rods, key fobs, photo ID cards, wristwatches and vehicle ID tags. RFID technologies include EM, Mifare, Hitag1, Hitag2, Legic, I-Code and Temic.

ProxTech stand alone Access Control systems for card and/or PIN allow for up to 500 users. Shadow cards are not required, thereby reducing costs and improving security. Lost cards can be individually and easily removed using a master card routine. Installation and programming of new users is uncomplicated. ProxTech networked Access Control systems can be specified to suit virtually all door control and management applications.

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