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The benefits of Electronic Curfew Monitoring Systems.

Electronic Curfew Monitoring System

Electronic Monitoring reduces prison populations and provides a cost-effective alternative to custody. The Home Detention System is used both as a sentence in it's own right and towards the end of a custodial sentences, as a form of transition from prison back into the community.

Premier Geografix have been operating within the Electronic Monitoring industry since 1995, supplying three of the four UK Home Office contract areas for the Home Office Detention Curfew Scheme. Premier Geografix system monitors the presence or absence of a subject at a specific curfew location. Electronic Monitoring works by the connection of a watch-sized transmitter called a Personal Identity Device (PID) to the ankle or wrist of the subject.

The PID is worn throughout the entire duration of the curfew order and must only be removed by an authorised person upon completion of the order. A Site Monitoring Unit (SMU) is the receiver, located in the place of work, education, training, or at an agency day care event such as drug rehabilitation should the curfew order require. The PID emits a regular encrypted radio signal, which is received by the Monitoring Centre to confirm the presence or absence of a subject. If the subject is absent from a place of curfew during the hours of curfew, a violation is reported by the SMU, which is received by the Monitoring Centre within minutes and acted upon accordingly.

Additional methods of curfew monitoring require the offender to be checked on a continuous basis, via Voice Verification. Voice Verification is based on Voiceprint, which ensures the right person, is calling, confirming the location of the offender at a specific time using their voice pattern and the caller line identity of the telephone to ensure the subject is in the precise location i.e. at work.

Electronic Curfew MonitoringOther methods consist of GPS Tracking, which involves offering the highest degree of reliability and minimum risk to the high profile form of monitoring. The passive system uses a web-based interface to report client’s movements and violations; the system is completely secure and allows agencies to view clients’ information when required. The active system is built into the GEM2 Software application, allowing the advantage of a single system reporting all exceptions.

Tracking information can be specified to any requirement unless it is specified in the order and failsafe mechanisms exist to ensure that ‘confidence’ messages are received and that devices are not stationary for more than the specified time. When an offender enters near an exclusion zone, a warning will be issued and the tracking system frequency is increased.

The GEM2 software which is provided by Premier Geografix Limited will record a full history of these events, as well as provide facilities to display maps to show clients movements, record exclusion zones, automatic notifications to the external agencies, alerts on low battery’s and reports can be printed on demand.

Premier Geografix Limited provides Electronic Curfew Monitoring Systems to Governments around the world and it is to our knowledge that each Government will have their own method of electronic monitoring. With contracts in the United Kingdom, Australia and North America we can provide our expertise in adapting our curfew monitoring equipment to any specific requirement made by the Government, as well as provide 24 hour hardware and software support. The implementation of electronic monitoring enables home detention for, early release from prison, court directed curfews and bail thereby reducing prison populations and providing a cost-effective alternative to custody.

Premier Geografix Limited is also an ISO: 9001 registered company under the scope of ‘Design, production and supply of Equipment and Software used in Electronic Monitoring. The Home detention Curfew System has provided many positive feedbacks from both curfewees and family members of the curfewee:

“It has given me a sense of responsibility and put some order back into my life.”
- Female Curfewee

“I’ve got a job and a family and was worried that I would be sent to prison, and not have a job to go back to when I came out. The curfew has allowed me to keep my job and stay with my family. I’ll not offend again and risk going to prison.”
- Male Curfewee

On completing an order – “Can you leave it on him, it’s been great for the kids to have him at home.”
- Partner of curfewee

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