Mayflex Continues To Invest in its Staff With ‘Aspire' Programme


Mayflex, has introduced a new staff development programme called ‘Aspire'.

The ‘Aspire’ programme was put together following feedback from staff re the existing appraisal system. These comments were taken on board and along with the HR department, the company’s directors, strategic and operational management teams worked together to develop a new system.

Andrew Percival, Managing Director of Mayflex comments, “Our reason for putting Aspire together was to remove the ‘old’ style once per annum appraisal system and replace it with a forward looking, easy and flexible to use process that would assist all staff in developing the right core competences, skills levels, and general attributes required to perform their role in the company to the best of their ability”.

Mayflex Aspire ProgrammePercival continues, “Monthly ‘catch ups’ on progress to achieving performance standards, or objectives, reviewing or setting performance development needs etc, with a more detailed review at 6 monthly intervals should make the whole process far less painful, and paperwork driven than the last one. Performance Summaries are completed every 6 months so that staff will always know how they are progressing. Investment in employee development is central to Mayflex’s success.”

Mayflex Business Strategy

The Mayflex Business Strategy provides the “big picture” view of where Mayflex is going. It sets out the long term direction and goals for the company. Each individual’s Performance Plan details the specific tasks and performance standards that need to be accomplished to help achieve these goals. Individual staff members build and use this plan with their Manager and review it on a regular basis. The Development Plan contains a record of the training the individual needs to complete or other development actions agreed, in this way staff constantly acquire the skills they need to perform at their best.

Percival concluded, “The Aspire programme will ensure that our customers receive exceptional service from all members of the Mayflex team.”

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