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  • International Armoured Group Customized Armored/Security Vehicles
  • International Armoured Group Customized Armored/Security Vehicles

International Armored Group (IAG) has been designing, manufacturing and providing customized armored/security vehicles globally for over 15 years. IAG was one of the first companies in the world to receive a VR7 certification for its Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series. We are also IS0 9001:2000 certified for design, manufacture and supply of custom built armored vehicles for VIP protection, military/law enforcement and cash in transit industry. We offer a wide range of armored VIP vehicles, Luxury & Operational SUVs & cars, Troop Carriers, Pickups & Trucks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Transport Buses and "Cash-in-Transit" vehicles.

Originally founded in Canada, IAG moved its head operations to the United Arab Emirates in 2004. There, IAG operates in a spacious 50,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our North American plant is located in Florida, United States of America from where IAG is able to supply top quality products to the North American and Latin American markets.

Our qualified team of engineers and technicians together with our logistics experts have created and shipped thousands of vehicles across the world. With offices located in Canada, the UAE, and the United States of America we operate in a number of time zones, guaranteeing exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Armored Security Vehicles

Through extensive R&D and years of experience, IAG has designed and created our SmartarmorTM technology. Our armored security vehicles featuring SmartarmorTM are capable of defeating an array of ballistic and blast threats enabling the vehicle occupants to effectively counter and survive hostile environments and threats.

We were one of the first companies in the world to receive VR7 vehicle certification for our armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series. VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 certification is conducted by the internationally acclaimed laboratory Beschussamt Mellrichstadt located in Germany.

IAG is now introducing armored 2013 GMC Savana Diesel vans, which are available to order today.

 Armored Security Vehicles

The VR7 certification process is an extensive test to ensure the armored security vehicle can withstand ballistic and blast threats. The VR7 certification process places the armored vehicle through a live fire test with over 400 strategically placed shots, and a number of live explosive tests.

VIP Armour Solution

Additionally, through IAG's innovative engineering, the armoured vehicle suspension is strengthened to match the original suspension despite the added weight of the protective materials. Also, any loss in power and breaking performance resulting from the additional weight can easily be overcome through engine enhancements and modifications to the original breaking system, all of which can be performed by the specialists at IAG.

Custom Armored Vehicles

IAG custom tailors each armored vehicle to provide clients with a solution that meets their specific needs. We consult with each client to understand their specific requirements and to recommend the best possible custom armor solution for them.
IAG is able to provide custom armored vehicles at various levels of ballistic protection (from B4 to B7) with upgraded suspension and braking systems, heavy duty run flat tires and bumpers, additional air scoops, cooling fans and radiator protection and many more valuable features.

Cash-In-Transit Security Vehicles


"Cash-In-Transit" (CIT) security vehicles are a major part of IAG's product portfolio. Considering the specific requirements of the clients and the road conditions these vehicles might be subjected to, IAG is proud to offer the following solutions for cash handling security:

  • Ford E-350: For top notch protection with regards to features, IAG has offered this vehicle to some of the leading financial institutions throughout the globe.
  • Ford F-350: IAG offers this vehicle for clients who have frequent and sometimes extreme off-road usage.
  • Ford F-550: Ideal platform for unibody/B-body style CIT capable of carrying heavy loads such as gold and coins.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 78: Ease of maintenance, exceptional on and off-road performance, high-tech security protection options and the IAG expertise, all combined in one - this vehicle has it all.
  • Ford Ranger/Toyota Hilux: The most economical option for the CIT category, IAG offers this solution for the light-weight category in the cash handling market.

VIP Armored Vehicles

VIP Armoring

IAG also specializes in VIP protection vehicles. Each armored vehicle for personal protection is specifically designed to closely resemble the original, preventing detection of the armor, making it difficult for assailants to identify IAG's clients as potential targets.

IAG has the ability to equip each vehicle with the latest surveillance and tracking technologies; wireless and radio communication technologies; and specialized luxury seats with adjustable built in features for extra comfort. IAG partners with leading industry suppliers to provide various vehicle options and upgrades.

Personnel Transport - Armored Buses and Vans

Passenger Transport

With the quick expansion and development of the oil fields, oil companies have faced the need to transport large groups of people in a quick and safe manner. IAG has introduced a wide range of armored buses and vans offering customized seating configurations to enable the secure transport of 10 to 30 passengers at once. With heavy duty air conditioning systems, the passengers in the armored bus can be moved to and from their work sites in complete comfort while marinating their safety.

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