Network and Information Security

Thales e-security

Preserving the confidentiality of information in transit is only the most visible element. There's also protecting and assuring the integrity of that information, proving its authenticity, and finally, guaranteeing its availability.

White House Security
Thales e-Security is a leader in trusted network security solutions. That's why many of the world's governments, large corporations and financial organisations rely on us to safeguard their networks.

Pioneering soft-loadable encryption technology Thales e-Security has grown to become a world authority in flexible cryptography. Whatever the level of security, from Sensitive but Unclassified right through to TOP SECRET, Thales e-Security provides flexible cryptographic solutions for a variety of IP, leased line, frame relay and X.25 networks. All with a reduced cost of ownership and the safeguard of protecting capital investment.

The Thales e-Security network security solutions are evaluated to the highest standards by recognised bodies including NIST and UK CESG.

Houses of Parliament, London SecurityTo date some of these approvals include UK CAPS, FIPS140-1 and NATO with FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria evaluations underway. It is further proof of our ability to meet the world's toughest security demands.

Thales e-Security - Safeguarding Information

  • Wherever critical infrastructures and data need protecting
  • Wherever the very highest standards of security have to be combined with maximum flexibility
  • Wherever the privacy, authenticity and integrity of transactions and information is critical
  • Wherever valuable information such as state secrets, personal data or sums of money are being moved
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