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Are you able to hear your vacant property's security alarm?

Secure Site UK are specialists in the areas of site and property security, providing a wide range of proven security solutions and services for void property and site protection applications. Based in Sussex, Secure Site's alarm services are recognised throughout London and the South East and are available throughout the UK.

Are you able to hear your vacant property's security alarm? If you can't, then Secure Site Void Alarm can give you peace of mind during various length absences from a void property...Secure Site believe that when it comes to alarms - no news is good news.

As a landlord in the current climate, protecting your vacant property from burglars, arsonists and squatters is the best investment you can make, but is it possible to do this effectively from a distance?

Void Alarm

Peace of Mind for Landlords with Void AlarmVoid Alarm is considered by landlords as the most flexible and cost-effective vacant property security system available. Void Alarm has been chosen and trusted by landlords across the country for a number of reasons, including its installation into the property within 24 hours anywhere in the country. The company offers quick and professional alarm installation, with a minimal level of false alarms and art beam detectors also available.

Additionally, the alarm has its own power source, giving it the ability to protect your property without power for up to a year. The alarm can provide protection for multiple rooms, zones and access points at the same time, with no need for wires. A further advantage is that Void Alarm has the ability to offer reliable monitoring for intruders, fire, flood and technical alarms.

If triggered, the alarm system can immediately alert up to five pre-programmed mobile or landline numbers, allowing the landlord to choose those required in case of an emergency and ensure that they are alerted instantly.

Void Property Alarm

The Void Alarm solution from Secure Site is available for rent with no minimum term for as little as £5 per day, as well as being available for more permanent use and hire. The solution's main advantage is its ability to provide constant, clear monitoring, enabling an onsite presence from licensed response teams within minutes in the event of an alert at your property.

Alarm means that wherever you are your vacant property can be monitored around the clock. Contact Secure Site for more information or to get Void Alarm installed next-day in your vacant property for 24-hour protection and your peace of mind.

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