Nedap Releases AEOS 2.0 Security Management Solutions

NEDAP Security Management

The Security Management division of NEDAP has just released the new and enhanced AEOS 2.0, which integrates innovative technology and user-friendly security solutions for comfortable and secure access control.

AEOS 2.0 offers a new and more extensive version of the AEOS software, packed with handy features and functionality: Comprehensive authorization models for allocation of multiple templates to a person, each with their own validity period. Access right customization is now fast and simple by adding templates or entrance groups or individual entrances or combinations thereof.

A rule engine for faster and more efficient management of authorisations. It quickly and simply couples access conditions for employees, vehicles, visitors or contractors to specific attributes or customizable fields, such as age, department or building. Uniquely, the authorization database can be updated as often as required, for example instantaneously or overnight.

Access rights are therefore always as up to date as you require, and current with the actual status of a person. Authorizations of employees that leave the company or change department can for example be withdrawn or changed automatically.

  • Photo events enabling security personnel to visually monitor badge holders in the event monitor screen. For each event that is registered, the photo of the person appears, together with personal data such as name, initials, department, employee number, type of event and location of the event.

A completely new badge administration feature for a number of time saving badge-related functions. Includes the possibility to assign a series of badges to a certain location/building/country, and tracking the status of a badge (for example stolen or defect) over a certain period of time.

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