Convexs® Card Readers, Nedap Introduces Its New Series of Card Readers

NEDAP Security Management

Nedap N.V. Security Management introduces a new line of readers that combine exceptional design with new functionality.

Nedap N.V. Security Management announces the introduction of a new reader line. The new readers are characterized by their exceptionally slim design and extensive range of reading options.

The Convexs® series will be available in different versions. The most complete model, the Convexs® MN80 is equipped with a dual reading technology print, suitable for both MIFARE® and NEDAP XS credentials. The Convexs® M80 reads only MIFARE® credentials. Both the Convexs® MN80 and the M80 read the MIFARE CSN, Sector data, and support the MAD.

Nedap's New Series of ReaderThat design has been a prime driver in the development is emphasized by the name of the new reader series. The name, Convexs, has been derived of the Latin word convexus and refers to the arched shape of the design. All Convexs® readers are available in a surface mount and flush mount version. The flush mount version has especially been developed to fit in a junction box.

Convexs® Reader Series

All models are equipped with three different configurable interfaces: Wiegand, RS485 and RF. Through the Wiegand output, the reader can be integrated into third party systems, which makes it extremely versatile.

With the Convexs® reader series the AEOS Security Management System provides both secure MIFARE® and long cabling distance.

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