Keeping authorizations accurate and up to date with the AEOS rule engine

NEDAP Security Management

Forget the frustration of cumbersome and time consuming authorization management, and of not knowing whether every person inside your building is indeed authorized to be there at that particular time.

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Large organizations or companies with large employee databases can now use the Nedap AEOS rule engine to save time and resources with efficient, quick and simple authorization management.

The rule engine can quickly and simply couple access authorizations for employees, vehicles, visitors or contractors to attributes such as age, department or building. With the touch of a button,
authorizations can be applied to individuals or complete groups, locally or across the globe.

Uniquely, the authorization database can be updated as often as required, for example every hour or (for larger databases) overnight.

Access rights of employees that leave the company are automatically cancelled, and authorizations of employees that change location or department are immediately switched to the relevant access rights for the new work place.

For more information about Nedap and AEOS, please contact us at [email protected]

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