New: Aeos Display Unit Interaction Between System And Work Floor

NEDAP Security Management

Once again, Nedap has come up with a new product for the security market: the AP5001 display unit.

This touch-screen communication module offers users direct interaction with the AEOS security management system. For example, via a menu users can control system functionality, disconnect an alarm or zone, or display messages.

In contrast to the fixed displays for specific system modules used by traditional systems, the AP5001 allows the system manager to configure the user menu for the touch screen and the associated functionality. In this way, the AP5001 can be configured to precisely match the environment in which it is used and the desired level of operational convenience.

If you wish, you can even add combinations of software functionalities to it, such as an event notification whereby the AP5001 functions as a communication medium to the user. One way of doing this is to use the integrated badge reader, which sends a system alarm if an unauthorised badge is presented and then directs the badge holder to the reception desk. Alternatively, it may display a personal message for a specific person. In line with the AEOS philosophy, the client is free to choose how the AP5001 is used.

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