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Secure Employee Entrance Point

The MAC (Modular Access Control) is a turnkey, mobile access control portal used as a secure employee entrance point system for high-security sites.

Worldwide supplier of MAC portals to Refinery, Power, and Industrial sites. MSSI will assist in the design and planning for your project.  We can deliver a turnkey, fully integrated secure entrance point system to your site that will only require a power hook-up to begin utilizing the MAC.

Modular Access Control (MAC) Security Features

Turnkey: MAC is delivered to your site fully integrated and ready to go.  Just provide a power supply to the unit and begin enrolling employees, these Modular Access Control Systems have many features some of which are below.

Delivered To You Site: MAC is delivered to your site on a flatbed or roll-off trailer.

Reduce Total Construction Costs: MAC portals cost less than a “stick-built” gate and you can take it with you to your next job.

Eliminate Theft Of Time: Theft of time (Buddy-punching) is a huge profit leak on many construction sites.  In most cases the reduction in payroll theft will pay for the Modular Access Control portal in 1 – 3 months.

Secure Employee Entrance Point Systems

Reducr Adminstractive Cost: MAC can be configured to interface with your existing payroll system to provide “Gate to PayCheck” capability and greatly reduce unnecessary paperwork with this Secure Employee Entrance Point System.

Instant Security: MAC portals are instantly deployable and an important part of jobsite security from day one, with each Modular Access Control unit.

Reduce Jobsite Tool Theft: Tool losses can be huge at a remote work site and could be costing you a lot more than you think.  The MAC security portals come with full height turnstiles and a fully equipped guardhouse for managing shift changes or monitoring security.

Custom Designed: There are several standard floor plans available for the Secure Employee Entrance Point System, but custom modifications are possible.

Standard models – see MSSI website for layouts           

6-1T-NA                      40-4T-GH                    40-4T-XLGH

20-2T-GH                    40-5T-GH                    20-5HH-GH

20-3T-CR                    40-6T-CR                     40-8HH-XLGH

 40-3T-GH                   40-6T-GH                    40-12HH-GH

Mobile: The MAC units are able to be moved quickly and easily to various locations.

Fence Ready: The MAC will drop right into your fence line to give you a continuous secure perimeter.

Roll-Up Doors: To open or close lanes as needed.

Guardhouse: Climate controlled, fully integrated with power and lights with windows form monitoring the turnstile areas.

Full-Body Turnstiles: Provides the highest level of access control security and reduces tool theft.

Link To Existing Software Systems: Software integration can be a “stand alone” system or can be linked to an existing software system with or without secure employee entrance point system

Patent Pending: Patents filed worldwide.

Blast Resistant Modular Access Control: MAC can be “hardened” to resist blast or bullet impact.

Advanced Security Checkpoint: A complex that include multiple MAC units that are connected to create an advanced screening area the can include X-ray, Metal Detection, Explosives testing, Radiation Screening, or other equipment.

Options For Identifcation Readers:

  • Swipe Card readers
  • Proximity Card readers
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Hand Geometry Scanners
  • Iris Scanners


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