Milestone Systems Partner Alliance With TDC


TDC, a leading multi-national telecommunications company, has entered into a partner alliance with Milestone Systems.

It began with installing Milestone XProtect IP video surveillance solutions in the TDC chain of 61 Danish retail shops, and progressed to a series of seminars for interested TDC business customers across the country, in addition to offering the solution for sale to customers in 15 TDC Business Centers.

TDC wants to help their customers easily manage digital video surveillance to safeguard against vandalism, break-ins and theft. With the new TDC Video Surveillance offering based on Milestone XProtect software, customers will be able to have a total solution, where TDC delivers, installs, configures and services the IP-based system that can be installed on a company’s existing network.

TDC's offering is based on IP video management software from Milestone Systems, with IP cameras from Sony and Axis Communications. TDC Video Surveillance can be customized to a company’s individual business needs.  A basic solution is targeted to smaller businesses, who require no more than four cameras to monitor specific areas.  A standard solution is designed for customers with larger requirements.

TDC Video Surveillance can be delivered as a pure LAN solution that operates on a company’s internal network.  If hooked up to an internet connection, there is remote access from any location to see either live images from the IP cameras or archived recordings. The high quality images are stored on a standard PC for quick searching or exporting as evidence for the police during investigations. Customers can also take advantage of TDC Surveillance via VPN MPLS, which is a secure and fast network for organizations with geographically-spread divisions, allowing them to monitor many locations from a central place without recordings being sent over the internet.

The September seminars, held in cities across Denmark, were called ‘The Video Surveillance of the future’ and discussed the monitoring of outdoor, office or cash register areas.  Milestone Systems presented live demonstrations of the XProtect functionality like Smart Search of recordings, browsing live video streams, producing evidence materials, scheduling cameras, defining image quality and resolution options, and operational cost effectiveness.

About TDC

In 2000, Tele Danmark, a traditional Danish supplier of fastnet and mobile services, changed its name to TDC and quickly developed into a leading European supplier of sophisticated communications solutions. Independent subsidiaries and a new organizational structure were created to increase customer focus, improve transparency and ensure future growth. 

TDC today has more than 13 million customers in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and Oman.  The company also has ownership in the Danish-Russian Telecommunications Group that has established East-West connections between Europe, Japan and Korea through a digital transmission system.  TDC’s activities operate with a strategic emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience between the countries, in order to achieve greater operational efficiencies.

About Milestone Systems

Milestone is the world market leader of open platform IP video surveillance software, according to IMS Research.  The XProtect line of products support the widest choice in network video hardware. Milestone solutions operate on more than 90,000 cameras worldwide, and are sold through a channel of 170 partners in 55 countries.

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