The New System for Security and Personnel Management: MTZ® Business Solutions

Miditec Datensysteme GmbH

By developing the MTZ® Business Solution MIDITEC created a Sotware that exactly meets the requirements of modern and international IT-standards.

The MTZ® Business Solution is platform independent and offers client- and multi-language capability. The proven MIDITEC System makes it possible to combine Access Control with Hazard Detection and Time & Attendance or other Management-Systems.

As a WEB-Application the MTZ® Business Solution runs on all operating systems and the access takes place via an Application Server (Windows) hosted on the customer´s network.

Therefore it is not necessary to install the Software on every single computer but the application is available for every authorized user by using the local network. Access is admitted through the input of a password in addition to the username. The calculation is done by a Webserver, an MTZ®Application- and Databaseserver. This means fast installation and less maintenance for the customer.

Architecture of a 3-tier web application
The MTZ® Business Solution is a web application with 3-tier architecture for use in the intranet or internet.

The following attributes are important in a web application:

  • Linear scalability – continuous growth to cope with user demands and complex business transactions.
  • Constant availability of services – use of redundancy and functional specialisation to rule out the risk of errors.
  • Security of data and infrastructure – protecting data and infrastructure from malicious attacks or theft.
  • Simple and comprehensive management – safeguarding the prerequisites for possible growth.

Web applications are implemented with a multi-tier architecture in order to achieve these objectives.

Architecture of a 3-tier web application

Access Control
From simple access control through to safeguarding a high-security zone, MTZ® Business Solution with access control adjusts to the corresponding requirements. Functions such as pin code, threat code, access repeat block, area change control or dual control can be combined and used at random as required.

Interfaces to Management Systems are integrated and can be customized.

MTZ® Access can manage more than 100,000 employees/visitors and up to 5000 profiles for access authorisation. Supported by 127 weekly programs and 99 time zones. Access permissions can be freely configurated and awarded to each employee.

Another Advantage is, that you can operate the MTZ® Business Solution on any computer with access to your local network. You only need an Internet-Browser, Java environments and a password. Users can make changes to the System in their office or immediately on the spot.
Soft- and hardware can be extended by additional modules, for example Visitor management, Car Park Management, Time & Attendance or a Hazard Alarm System.

Visitor Management
Visitors are issued their own card for access to certain areas so that they can move freely within specific limits, but the card is only valid for the period of their visit. If the visitor has an appointment with an employee in the company, the reception staff can check whether the contact person is present or not.

The visitor data are stored stating the visit period. Access is blocked outside this period.
In the MTZ® Business Solution it is also possible to manage visitorgroups, for instance the employees of the facility management company, without processing each single person.

Car Park Management
The Car Park Management feature rounds off Access Control. It is responsible for verifying entrance authorisation and for checking the vacancy status.

The car park can be broken down into certain lot areas for specific user groups to allow for greater differentiation of the overall users. For example, a limited number of visitor parking lots can be managed for several users. If the existing parking lots are all taken, the access for further visitor vehicles is blocked.

Time & Attendance
Efficiency and flexibility are the outstanding features of the MTZ® Time Management. Many different working hours and collective bargaining agreements can be implemented, as well as company rates for payroll accounting. The system can be adapted easily when the circumstances change.

The advantage of a time recording system consists in particular in the automatic comparison of nominal working hours and the time actually worked. The basis for the whole system is the software, with its precise detailed illustration of the corresponding working hours model, planning of presence and absence periods, transfer of bookings from the time recording units and any necessary corrections or additions as the need arises.

The system allows to conveniently plan the periods of presence and absence for every single employee and for any specific reason. It provides the exact planning of up to twelve months in advance, which enables the company to achieve a more effective deployment of the staff.

Personnel Deployment Plan
Many companies need flexible, effective staff deployment planning to ensure that the whole system runs smoothly. The MTZ® Personnel Deployment Plan offers an overview of duties, deployed personnel and account balances. A clearly organised structure, the use of colour codes and rapid access to all important information allows for swift, effective planning.

Programmable criteria such as nominal occupancy, required qualifications and staff requests are automatically considered in deployment planning with corresponding feedback. Deployment suggestions are simply accessed and can be transferred to the staff deployment plan without any problems

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