Smokecloak IPX25 Security Smoke Devices

Martin Security Smoke

IPX25 The IPX Range combines a unique rapid dispersal system with a large vapour generating capacity The Smokecloak IPX25 is therefore ideal to provide protection in large volume areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities and utility premises.

High Capacity Smoke Generating Unit and Rapid Dispersal System

The Smokecloak IPX 25 features a high capacity smoke generating unit that has been integrated with a rapid dispersal system so large volumes can be protected extremely rapidly.

The IPX Range of Smokecloak products features the Smokecloak easy fit system of inbuilt brackets and plug in connectors to make both installation and service much easier.

IPX Smoke DeviceDepending on the size of the premises, multiple units can be used together and the system can be fully integrated with the IPL and IPA ranges of products.The Smokecloak IPX range is fully compatible with, and can be integrated into, any modern electronic security system.The Cloaksensor, Martin Security Smoke's patented feedback sensor, ensures that the correct level of vapour density is maintained during activation.

Customer safety is further enhanced by the Smokecloak's automatic isolation system, which, when the host security alarm is unset, ensures that there will be no unwanted activations.

False alarms are prevented by the Smokecloak verification facility, which requires an independent confirmation signal to be received, before vapour production commences.

A further safety feature is the provision of a fire alarm input circuit to prevent the unwanted activation of the Smokecloak after a real fire has been detected but before the burglar alarm has been activated.

Security Smoke Design & Construction

The Smokecloak IPX 25 is manufactured in the United Kingdom under Martin Security Smoke's stringent quality control procedures which comply with the latest BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

As with all Smokecloak products, safety and reliability are paramount in every aspect of the design and construction of the units. Resistance to attack has been incorporated from the design stage -tamper protection, robust metalwork, a protected vapour outlet nozzle, inbuilt battery back up and Cloaksensor verification provide an unmatched specification level.

The electronics, which feature microprocessor control, provide a broad range of error checking and reporting facilities.

Security Smoke System Security Smoke System

Martin Security Smoke Quality Assurance

Martin Security Smoke fully complies with the British Standard BS7939:1999 for the supply, installation and maintenance of smoke security devices.The Smokecloak systems have also been registered by The Danish Insurance Association for use in security applications in accordance with Forskrift 212, Intruder alarm systems.

Smoke System Warning Signs

Noticeable and easily understood self-adhesive warning signs are provided with the products.The signs must be displayed at the normal entry points to the building. Product specifications

  • 800m3 in 30 Seconds
  • 1600m3 in 60 Seconds
  • Rapid vapour dispersal system
  • Attack resistant construction
  • Long hang time dry vapour production
  • Uses Smokecloak FL600 fluid
  • Flexible and adjustable mounting system
  • Can be integrated with other Smokecloak Products
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
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