Louroe Verifact Microphones

Louroe Electronics

All Louroe microphones are omni-directional, low impedance with built-in preamp for producing line level audio. Normal pickup pattern is within a 30' circle or approximately 15' from the microphone location. These microphones are compatible with all Louroe base stations.

Verifact Microphones

Verifact A and B Microphones are housed in a high impact ABS dome designed for ceiling or wall mounting.

Verifact C Microphone is mounted to a small PC board by way of two lead wires 5” in length and is designed for small or unusual housings and custom requirements.

Verifact D and D-V Microphones are mounted to the back of a single gang stainless steel faceplate that fits into a single gang electrical box. The D-V Mic is vandal resistant with tamper proof mounting screws.

Verifact E Microphone is constructed inside a single gang weather resistant “Bell Box” for outdoor applications.

Verifact K Microphone is a dynamic microphone with a modified omni-directional pattern and is designed for areas with excess background noise. The modified pattern picks up audio more from the front of the mic and less from the sides or back.

Verifact L-DT is a desktop microphone designed for conducting interviews or similar applications. There are two microphones facing in opposite directions. The housing contains a weighted non-slip bottom for adherence to a flat surface.

IF-4 / IF-8 Audio Interface Adapters
Designed for connecting up to 4 or 8 Louroe microphones to a DVR or other recording device

IF-4 / IF-8 Audio Interface Adapters

Connects a microphone to a DVR or a PC sound card

  • Compatible with all Louroe microphones
  • Contains terminal blocks for microphone connections
  • Supplies 12Vdc power to microphones
  • Dual outputs (per microphone) to accommodate either an RCA input or 3.5mm input connection to DVR or sound card
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