Digitalisation of Emergency Call Centres - Alarm 112

The digitalisation of Emergency Call Centres - Alarm 112 reduces response times

In Denmark, the Alarm 112 (emergency call centres) use a digital system that helps the operator to speed up the process when servicing citizens followed by providing tasks to the Police department, Fire Brigade or Rescue Service.

Digitalization of Emergency Call Centres - Alarm 112

Digitalisation of Emergency Call Centres

When a citizen calls 112, the operator at Alarm 112 receives automatically on screen information about the person and his/her location. Once the operator clarifies the type of emergency, i.e. a police related task, the system will automatically send information to a police station located closest to the disaster.During this phone call with the citizen, the Alarm 112 operator will send further information across to the emergency service, in this case the police station. But why? Because at this point of time, the Police department has already dispatched one or more patrol cars towards the location of the disaster.

The Alarm 112 (emergency call centre) Alarm System

Further relevant information received in the police department is forwarded directly to a digital display in the Police car.

Effective Reduction of Response Times

Effective reduction of response times was a crucial demand when the Danish National Alarm 112 (emergency call centres) invested in a digitized system from Innovative Business Software A/S.

The digitized process reduces the response time effectively by:

  • Automatically providing information about the citizen and his/her location
  • Automatically selecting an emergency service closest to the disaster
  • Automatically transmission of information and location to the selected emergency service

The digitized system at Alarm 112 integrates with the system called interVIEW used at Danish Police stations and their fleet of thousand patrol cars. The system is flexible and can be modified for other national standards.

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