Web Verification Systems

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Hague turns 30

On 9th June Hague celebrated its 30th birthday.

Hague has spent the last three decades finding new ways to help clients protect themselves against document fraud and has been a leading consultancy in global document security for many years.

Web Verification Systems

Hague has always prided itself on being a catalyst of progress and change and has embraced the major advancements of recent years in online technology. Working with over half of the universities in the UK and listening to how attitudes are changing in the education sector has led us to develop a web verification system which allows a more automated approach to the verification of qualifications/accreditations.

Hague has many years’ experience as an APACS accredited printer dealing with sensitive financial data and has built on this know-how to move the business forward and develop flexible web technology that can be adapted for use across any sector. There is no need for the installation of any software on site as all data is stored remotely on a secure server and transferred by sftp. Access to data is controlled by a secure PIN and any given combination of security details so that only authorised individuals can see the relevant information.

In today’s economic climate, web verification is a more cost-effective and greener solution for any institution or enterprise needing to quickly and effectively verify data.

To arrange a demonstration of Hague’s web verification system please contact Simon Hayward.

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