Brand Protection Solutions from Hague Print

Hague Print Ltd.

UK-based Hague Print specialise in the supply of customised security print solutions aimed at brand protection.

Modern attacks on brands can undermine your business and damage its revenue, decrease customer trust in your products and potentially initiate health and safety concerns.

Brand Protection Solutions

Hague Print's range of security and brand protection solutions help protect against fraud, counterfeiting, product theft, alteration of documents such as certificates, as well as Grey market products. The company can assist you in efficient goods tracking, meaning that items can be easily traced whenever required.

Hague operates a professional brand protection consulting service, and has the capacity to plan and implement tailored systems to equip your business against fraud.

Brand Protection SolutionsSecurity Print Solutions

Industry leaders in the field of security printing, Hague Print offers a broad range of security print solutions, utilising the latest security technology to protect your company against brand theft. Technologies available include both overt and covert methods, as well as forensic security techniques.

Hague can produce innovative security holograms to protect your brand and goods, which are designed especially for the customer and created with specialist inks. The team are also able to manufacture secure labels as required, and tamper-evident seals for the protection of your products and their packaging.

Security Print SolutionsHague recognise the value of security holograms to the protection of business' products and brands, as well as their marketing advantages. Hague Print produce the highest number of security hologram designs in the UK, and are recognised for their advanced and unique designs.

Alternatively, holograms can be selected from stock. All Hague Print security holograms are secured by modern features incorporated into their design, offering protection for your brands throughout the world.

Hague Print's international secure holograms include:

  • Tailored holographic foil for brand protection
  • Advanced holographic design technology
  • Stock holograms and foils
  • Unique Hague Print security foil
  • The Hague Securogram applicator for secure hologram application

Hague Securogram

Hague Print's hologram applicator – Securogram is ideal for desktop applications enabling you to protect your brand with security holograms as and when you require. The Securogram comprises a cost-efficient solution, enabling in-house application of security foils onto a braod range of documents from paper to plastic.

One of the main advantages of Securogram is its ability to apply transparent security foils to documents, sealing and protecting particularly confidential or sensitive content and information with a custom security die created for your business alone.

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