Cardax FT V5.20 Security Integration Platform

Gallagher Security Management Systems

Packed with new features and enhancements, Cardax FT V5.20, was released on 2 April.

Daniel McVeagh, Cardax Product Manager, defines this version of Cardax FT as “delivering a great combination of new technologies, smarter installation tools, and improved usability for our valued customers”.

Biometric Integration

Key developments of this release include the second stage of the Cardax / SAGEM biometric integration. In fulfilment of the staged integration, biometric verification with the SAGEM Fingerprint reader range is supported and fingerprint templates and Cardax card reader data can now be encoded in one pass on the same Mifare card.

Enhancements also include privacy option support whereby the fingerprint template is only stored on the card, never in the Cardax FT database. Other notable features of this integration include:

  • Multi-factor authentication (card + finger + PIN, or variants of)
  • Card only access option for certain individuals (for those with damaged fingerprints, or who choose not to provide fingerprints for privacy reasons)
  • Scheduled SAGEM reader resynchronisation
  • Optional user name display on reader on successful access
  • Optional reader online monitoring

New configuration Wizards within Cardax FT mean that the speed of system configuration has been markedly improved. It is anticipated this will prove popular with both Cardax Dealers and customers alike. Dealers will find them an excellent time saving tool, and customers will benefit from the associated reduction in installation and change costs.  In addition to significant upgrades to existing Wizards, new Wizards for GBUS I/O Devices and a new Door creation Wizard are now available.  Wizard templates can now be saved and used across multiple sites, allowing installers to replicate hardware naming and numbering conventions.

Wiring reports are now available in Cardax FT Command Centre v5.20, to help installers physically connect devices in accordance with the Cardax FT Command Centre configuration. Wiring reports for most Cardax FT hardware devices, doors and lift cars can now be created, providing physical installers clear and easy guidance for wiring Cardax FT installations. In addition to wiring configuration, the report also provides the physical installer with useful information for the device such as network addresses, whether tampers are enabled on a device, what type of lock is configured for a door, and what end-of-line resistors are configured for the device.

Cardax FT V5.20 features workstation support for Microsoft™ Vista Business Edition and Enterprise Edition, plus support for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to keeping pace with the latest Microsoft™ operating platforms.

Perimeter Protection Software

Enhancements to the Cardax system site plans include configurable elements, which can be associated with Cardax FT Items. In practice this means site features such as fence lines and buildings can be displayed with appropriate alarms, semi-transparent alarm zone overlays, macro override buttons and site plan navigation arrows delivering a universal view and exceptional transparency of system activity for all Operators. Single or double click actions associated with lines/areas/rectangles allow touch screen support and ‘free text’ objects on site plans further enhance useability.

A significant enhancement to functionality is the new Mifare card login / logout of Cardax FT Command Centre using a Mifare encoder.  This allows an Operator to log into the system without to the need to remember a password, and enables the system to log off an Operator automatically once they remove their card to leave their workstation area.

New Fargo HDP5000 Printer Integration support extends the range of printers Cardax FT now interfaces to and high level Cardax FT Controller API software integrations to the following systems expand Cardax FT functionality across a range of applications:

  •  SNMP
  •  Senstar Stella
  •  DigiOp DVR I/O HLI
  •  CIC Keysecure
  •  Bosch Security Escort
  •  ASCII Text Interface

Cardax FT Version 5.20 also features a new Cardax FT GBUS Universal Reader Interface variant, which supports 2 x Wiegand readers. This allows for more cost effective retrofit solutions, where Cardax FT is installed with existing Wiegand readers on a site.

Customers with Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) will receive this version as part of their SMA contract enabling them to keep pace with the latest system developments and enhance their system usability and functionality.

”Cardax FT V5.20 demonstrates Gallagher Security Management System’s commitment to R&D investment in our product, making it one of the most flexible and integratable systems available,” comments Daniel McVeagh.

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