Bentel Security Presents the BGSM-100

Bentel Security

Bentel Security presents the BGSM-100 Universal GSM & GPRS Communicator Interface.

Simple to install and program (plug and play approach), it is compatible with any control panel communicating in contact ID format over standard phone line (PSTN).

The BGSM-100 module is equipped with a quad band GSM/GPRS radio and remote antenna with magnetic bas. Its extremely small size and low current draw allow for installation inside the control panel’s cabinet, not requiring an additional battery.

Bentel Security: BGSM-100

Easy to service locally, the BGSM-100 allows module programming and diagnostics via direct PC connections. The BGSM-100 is the best solution for reliable PSTN alarm communication back up for the majority of applications whether new or existing systems upgrade.


The BGSM-100Features:

  • Simulated PSTN land line
  • Automatic switch to GSM network in the eventof line trouble
  • 3 open collector outputs
  • GSM quad-band
  • Antenna with magnetic base and 2m cable
  • Contact ID communication format supported from a connected control panel for communication over the GPRS network
  • 4 phone numbers programmable for contact IDdialer on GPRS
  • Up to 100 telephone numbers (max 16 digits) programmable for the remote activation of the OC output
  • PC-programmable options
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