Boon Edam Speedlane 300 - Illuminated Angel Wing Security Lane

Royal Boon Edam International B.V

Boon Edam has developed one of the most sophisticated ranges of security access products available today. This extensive range now includes the Speedlane 300, uniquely designed with illuminated pivoting angel door-wings.

Speedlane 300 - Pedestrian Security Lane

Speedlane 300 > Pedestrian Security LaneThe Speedlane 300 provides high quality pedestrian security, guaranteeing smooth and efficient access control in two directions. The unique design of the Speedlane 300 creates a space-efficient, economical pedestrian security control system.

Characterised by its illuminated angel wings and neutral stainless steel finish, the sleek design of the Speedlane 300 will highlight and compliment your building interior. Using low energy consuming LED lights, the illuminated angel door-wings indicate the operating mode of the product, creating a simple traffic light signalling system for ease of use.

The appearance of the angel door-wings on the Speedlane 300 in the fully closed position is green; allowing the user to see the product is free for use. The colour of the LED lights will change according to authorisation, tailgating, piggybacking, closing door-wings and unauthorised use.

Upon authorisation the angel door-wings change to a neutral colour as they pivot retract into the unit. Immediately after the user passes through, the angel door-wings appearance changes to red as they quickly re-close, preventing tailgating and piggybacking. Upon reaching the fully closed position, the appearance of the angel door-wings changes to green, welcoming the next cycle.

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