3G Wireless Security Camera for Surveillance

Bioaccez Controls

Wireless surveillance security camera for perimeter protection and access control

Perimeter Protection and Access Control

Bioaccez Controls is working worldwide offering first class security products in the fields of perimeter protection and access control. The Maggis cam is a highly innovative security camera that can be accessed from a mobile phone, just by making a video call.

MAGGIS is the first video camera which allows you to listen to and see what is happening even in the dark where it is installed with a simple video call from a 3G / UMTS video-phone. MAGGIS is quickly installed, easy to use and supports the UMTS network.

Wireless Security Surveillance Camera

Wireless Security Camera

Accessing a camera from a mobile phone is not a novelty; there are internet wireless security cameras that will allow you to remotely monitor the camera's video over the internet. The camera transfers the signal via your existing wireless network router to a specific IP address, thus from your Smartphone, entering this IP address in a browser window, you can watch and listen in from anywhere.

Wireless Surveillance by Mobile PhoneBut Maggis is different, is a new concept of wireless cam. Maggis is not an IP camera, so no internet connection is necessary for the camera use, No IP server and no extra software needs to be downloaded in the phone. Even the mobile don’t needs operating system, just 3G connection and the ability to make video calls.

Very easy to install

Wireless security cameras are much easier for the do-it-yourself to install than wired security cameras that involve digging into the walls to install wiring. Installing wired cameras can be very tedious. You have to find a place that can not only support the camera, but be easily reached and run the wires. With the Maggis 3G wireless security camera, the only thing you have to worry about is the 3G / UMTS coverage, and an electricity point to charge the camera.

MAGGIS can be installed outside, having an IP54 protection.The camera is made in the European Union.

Motion-Activated Wireless Surveillance Camera

3G wireless security cameras can be used to keep an eye on your business, house, pets, or property, and are especially handy for vacationing. The camera can be motion-activated, connecting a motion detector at the NC input contact, remaining off unless there is movement, at which time the camera activates and makes a video call to you.

The Maggis 3G Wireless security camera can be used for countless purposes including:

  • Overlooking the front porch, driveway or other areas of personal or business property.
  • To monitor children, elderly people..
  • To discourage theft and vandalism. Security cameras installed around properties are a known deterrent to crime.
  • For industrial surveillance
  • For engineering systems surveillance. i.e. checking if sensors are sending correct information in meteorological stations, solar power remote installations
  • Controlling flocks in countryside areas etc...
Power Supply 12 V.dc
Camera CCD 100 Kpixel, 352x288. View angles: 58"diagonal, 46" horizontal, 38" vertical.
Microphone Better than -40 dBm
Weight 300 gr
Dimensions 200 x 80 x 80 mm
Working temperature -20º to +50ºC
Messages Receives SMS for camera settings.
Battery 2200 mAh. 330 hrs standby mode, 3,2 hrs in video operation.
Privacy Limitation to 20 calling numbers.
Thermal resistor Alim. 12Vdc/24Vac. Internal thermal switch
Connections USB connection for software update


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