Danish National Police Uses interVIEW Fleet Management

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Inside View

The Danish Police achieved reduced response times and more effective turnouts.

The Danish National Police has reduced response times, enhanced the fleet overview and enabled faster and more accurate task assignment after the introduction of the interVIEW-Fleet solution from Innovative Business Software A/S. Incoming emergency calls are easily assigned to the nearest patrol car from the control room.

Danish Police Use interVIEW Fleet Management

Also, address information as task type is transferred directly to the Garmin Navigator. The driver only has to accept the task and the Garmin will start to direct the driver to the destination. Positions and status can be followed from the control room. ETA is reported automatically and arrival time is automatically generated in the control room system’s log files.

Full history log-files are used for advanced statistics and tracking history is used in investigation. The two ways messaging service has furthermore improved the communication between the control room and the patrol car.

This feature has turned out to be a huge advantage especially for transferring descriptions of wanted persons and other detailed information, which is much more useful in writing than by voice over the radio. The system is installed in 1,000 police patrol cars countrywide.

InterVIEW Fleet

Main features:

  • Display of alarms and vehicles on the same map
  • Organize and send assignments to vehicles
  • Free text from vehicles to alarm receiving center and vice versa
  • Acknowledgement of reception from vehicles with ETA
  • Automatic logging of arrival time
  • Logging of communication between alarm centre and vehicles
  • Display of time specified route for a vehicle on a digital map in the alarm centre
  • Calculation and display of route to destination in vehicles
  • Full Garmin functionality

Alarm Management Software

Alarm Management Software

Innovative Business Software A/S develops and delivers compelling solutions for alarm monitoring in Control and Alarm Centers of all kind. The deep integration between the control room software and the Fleet Management solution has resulted in better overview and a remarkable raise in efficiency.

Fleet Management from Innovative Business Software

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