GH1202 Mobile Alarm for Alarm Monitoring Software

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The GH1202 is a small sized mobile alarm which has been designed for the protection of vulnerable individuals and those working in dangerous areas. The device tracks and assists users when activated.

GH1202 Mobile Alarm

The mobile alarm has been specifically created as a user friendly device, requiring a simple press and hold action on the alarm button to generate an alert and transmit the users GPS location coordinates.

It is also possible to configure the device to transmit GPS coordinates to the alarm monitoring centre at regular intervals or when crossing specific geographical areas. This can be applied in cases which require constant tracking of an individual, such as those working within particularly high risk zones.

With a large battery capacity and energy saving functionality, this mobile alarm can be relied upon to provide a reliable service for those requiring added security.

Personal protection suitability includes:

  • Security Guards
  • Lone Workers
  • Security Officials
  • Elderly Persons
  • Vulnerable Individuals
  • Child Protection

Customisation of the mobile alarm is easily completed using the configuration software, or remotely through SMS, and the five dual function buttons means the device is suitable for a range of tracking and monitoring operations.

Through the integration of a SIM card, the GH1202 mobile alarm can act as a mobile phone able to take both voice and silent calls. This, along with loudspeaker, vibration, LED light status and key lock, all help to provide the most effective solution for the protection of individuals to date.

GH1202 Mobile Alarm

Mobile Alarm GPS Positioning

When GPS coordinates are transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre interVIEW Alarm Monitoring Software can automatically display the location on a digital map. This will then highlight local road networks for access requirements helping to improve overall response times. The alarm is also placed into the alarm queue with relevant instructions for the operator to insure correct response and quick dispatch.

The interVIEW digital map displays positions from the mobile alarms along with other GPS trackers i.e. for vehicle monitoring. The digital map displays available response resources such as guards and vehicles.
This helps to pinpoint where the nearest available help is and communicate the most effective route for guards. With interVIEW Fleet Management, the operator controls this process by forwarding tasks directly to individual vehicles with one click. The task is immediately available at GPS Navigation systems in the response vehicle.

The complete GH1202 Mobile Alarm package includes the alarm, 230 VAC Charger, CD with configuration software, USB cable, Battery, Screwdriver, Neck cord and manual. An optional leather carry case is also available.

Mobil Alarms and interVIEW Alarm Monitoring Software is provided by Innovative Business Software A/S.

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