Enhance Confirmed Alarms at the Monitoring Centre

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Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)False alarm is an increasing problem that is expensive to handle for everyone within the entire security industry. Globally, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) invests in technology to increase the amount of confirmed alarms eventually reducing false alarms. If the ARC can dispatch a high amount of confirmed alarms to the respond resources then they are directed to the real alarm situation eventually more rapidly, which leads to higher quality and better income.

In Nordic and Baltic countries, Alarm Receiving Centres with wholesale monitoring service and owned accounts have increased the amount of confirmed alarms they dispatch to respond resources.

DJK, a market leading wholesale monitoring Alarm Receiving Centres in Denmark has close to 95% of successful dispatches to guards and Police (national average is 79%) and they use interVIEW to confirm the alarm priority.

Advanced Alarm Monitoring Platform

The majority of Alarm Receiving Centres use interVIEW, an advanced alarm monitoring platform, with several opportunities for utilizing confirmed alarms. interVIEW automatically dispatch confirmed alarms to respond resources. The solution offers its own dispatch system or integrates to third party dispatch system. When manual dispatches are preferred, interVIEW merges the alarm along with video, which makes the operator callable of deciding the priority. The built-in video module can provide images before, under and after the alarm time (pre, current, post images) by integrating with market leading suppliers of alarm receivers with video. The video module also provides live video from third party CCTV systems by integrating directly to the HW and SW.

Combining burglar systems with CCTV systems is deployed across the security industry and the ARC benefits from this development by utilizing the number of confirmed alarms.

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interVIEW, an advanced alarm monitoring platform


Advanced Alarm Monitoring Platform

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