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There are a variety of Guard Tour Tracking systems on the market - but none with the flexibility and features of Guardus, built by Contronics and now available in the UK exclusively from AMS.

We would like to share with you our experience of this remarkable system - and why it will change the way you track activity from now on.

You may need to manage guard tour duties, or track when employees have reached various destinations to conduct activities (such as machinery preventative maintenance).

Maybe you need to record condition information or meter readings? Maybe you need to ensure critical aspects of your operation have been examined - and be instantly alerted if such an inspection has not been conducted on time? Guardus will become your invaluable tool in managing such situations.

Not Another Tracking System?

Many of the touch-based tracking systems on the market are simple data loggers - and they do a good job. They allow time-stamped records in the "wand" to accumulate and be examined at a later stage, once the data has been downloaded at a central PC.

That's it. Simple. Easy. Solved. Well not quite - they also bring with them considerable frustration. How do you get the data back to the central point when dealing with routes that are geographically dispersed? How do you check progress as it is happening? What happens if checks have not been conducted as they should? How quickly does the employee know whether all assigned tasks have been completed satisfactorily?

Guardus helps you manage your inspection activities efficiently without such frustrations. Here is a summary of its main features:

  • Only Guardus allows the verification of round results at the actual workplace, without having to download the data to a computer
  • Guardus notifies when a round should commence, and when it has been completed satisfactorily
  • Guardus allows the data to be downloaded from almost any remote location for central management review
  • Guardus allows instant central feedback that critical facilities have been checked (or have not been examined, so that appropriate action can be taken)
  • Guardus allows different round schedules for each day of the week if required
  • Easy to read reports allow managers to target problem areas efficiently

Of course, Guardus has many other features that set it well apart from the competition, and these are highlighted best by taking a quick look at the products.

GuardUs G3

GuardUs G3

The GuardUs G3 is an extremely resilient i-Button reader constructed of duralumin and stainless steel. It is powered by a common 9-volt battery, making it inexpensive to run. In addition to time stamped location information, the Guardus G3 can record condition codes and quantity readings using the very useful number-pad. And all of this is achieved by the simple touch of a button!

Guardus iButton Guardus

Guardus iButton

Number Pad

Guardus Number Pad

The GuardUs G5 has the added advantage of being able to record data from RF proximity tags, allowing both iButtons and RF tags to co-exist (which can be ideal when checking the content of glass cabinets or when the tag needs to be hidden).

Guardus RF Tag

Guardus RF Tag

The exceptional advantage of the Guardus system becomes obvious when the data that has been recorded needs to be sent remotely to your company headquarters. This may be achieved in a variety of ways, including by telephone line (using the remote modem) or by internal company network or even via the internet. We believe this flexibility is unique to the Guardus range.

The great advantage of these downloaders is their ease of operation - the G3 or G5 wand is simply placed on the remote unit and that's it - it establishes communication, starts the transmission process and advises when the operation has been completed. All of this in a few seconds - without intermediate storage - completed safely and definitely.

Guardus G5

Guardus G5

Guardus has been chosen as the most suitable tracking tool by companies such as Boeing, Harley Davidson, MGM, and reputable Hotel chains such as The Grand. We have no hesitation in recommending it in order to satisfy your professional activity tracking needs. For more information about Guardus, contact AMS by phone at Tel: +44 (0) 1299 872900, by email ([email protected]), or visit the web site at

Guardus Remote-i

Guardus Remote-i

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