Gas Masks and NBC Filters

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Tested according to EN 136. CE-certified by the notified body 0121 (BIA). NIOSH approved.

Full face mask M'95 RC excluding drinking device and speech diaphragm
012583 Full face mask M'95 RC excluding drinking device and speech diaphragm

  • Extremely high protection factor guarantees ultimate safety.
  • Fits underneath visored police helmet.
  • Light in weight: the mask weighs less than 500 g.
  • Specially engineered halo-butyl facepiece enhances resistance to hazardous chemicals.
  • Exceptional flame retardation.
  • Engineered for rapid donning.
  • Filters certified to CE, NIOSH (40 mm) available.
  • Robust filter canister is made from reinforced engineering plastic.

Proflow Sc
Powered Air Respirator For Decom, Medical And Forensic Operations

The high performance Proflow powered respirator range offers reliable solutions to respiratory protection needs for rescue teams during decontamination and cleansing operations.

Proflow provides outstanding performance and comfort. The shower-proof casing is fully resistant to all forms of wear and tear including impact, high temperatures and chemicals.

  • Shower-proof construction and filter orientation facilitate decontamination in highly contaminated environments.
  • Wide choice of filter canisters.
  • 120 l/min constant airflow prevents the facepiece from misting on the inside.
  • Rechargeable battery; easy to service.

Flowhood 2 facepiece for cleansing operations:

  • Flowhood 2, durable, lightweight, polyurethane-coated nylon fabric full-hood covers head and neck.
  • Neck seal - one size fits all.
  • Accommodates both beards and glasses.

M'98 Respirator For Law Enforcement
M'98 Respirator For Law Enforcement

Respiratory protective systems for law enforcement personnel and first responder teams must provide a high degree of reliable protection in combination with high levels of user comfort to maximise operational efficiency.

Our latest development, the M'98 protective mask, outperforms the exacting requirements of equipment used by law enforcement personnel, first responders and rescue teams. It is designed specifically to protect personnel against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear hazards (CPRN) and riot control agents. Its slim-line design and

The M'98 full face mask features a halo-butyl elastomeric face blank, a silicone inner mask, 5-point textile harness, speech diaphragm, polyamide panoramic visor and drinking port. The drinking device is used for the intake of liquid from a special drinking bottle or standard PET bottle with thread diameter 28 mm. Weight 450 g.

Procomp compound (halo-butyl elastomer) features high temperature- and ozoneresistance, is impermeable to gases and provides excellent resistance to a multitude of chemicals. Silicone features excellent resistance to extremes of temperatures and ozone, and is hypoallergenic. Polyamid, PA-visor features high tensile strength and solidity.

M'98 Mask Highlights

  • Lightweight full face mask.
  • Panorama vision.
  • Hypoallergenic elastomer construction for comfort.
  • Easy-to-use drinking tube for hygienic and rapid ingestion of liquids.
  • Unique contoured sealing edge for excellent fit.
  • Prescription spectacles are easily secured to the inner mask.
  • Designed for simple disinfection, decontamination and maintenance.
  • Speech diaphragm provides optimal personal communication.
  • Sweat port in chin pocket for extra comfort during extended periods of wear.
  • 40 mm canister connector accepts NATO-type thread canister.

M'98 Respirator For Law Enforcement
Nbc 2200 Police Filter Cn/Cs - Riot Control And Civil Defence

The full range of Scott's NBC, civil defence and industrial filter canisters is available for use with M'98.
Filters approved by EN, NIOSH and NATO standards.
Nbc 2200 Police Cn/Cs Filter
Ref. number 045125

Nbc 2200 Police Filter Cn/Cs

Protects against riot control agents, e.g. tear gas, CN, CS; against organic, inorganic, acid gases and vapours; ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives; highly toxic and radioactive solid and liquid particles, bacteria and virus. The shelf life of the sealed filter is 10 years.

Canister is made from high-class reinforced polyamide. Ideal for RIOT Control & SWAT operations as well as Domestic Preparedness operations, the NBC 2200 makes sense in today's changing world. The NBC 2200 Police Canister is chromium free and meets unique USA specifications designed for first responders concerned with:

  • Riot control
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Chemical Warfare Agents (Data available on request by Police departments.)

Nbc 2200 Police Filter

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