Packs-in Decontamination Control with RNase AWAY and DNA AWAY Wipes

Molecular Bioproducts Inc

Designed to remove RNase and DNA contamination from pipettors, glassware, plasticware and most metal surfaces, the space-saving handy wipes are made for easy access and use compared to bulky cleaning supplies and spray bottles.

Small enough to fit in any laboratory coat pocket, the new RNase AWAY and DNA AWAY wipes' convenient packaging alleviates the over-spraying of decontaminants on potentially sensitive equipment, reagents, and samples.

Researchers sharing expensive instrumentation in laboratories and core facilities can now decontaminate their instrumentation and workspaces more effectively.

The RNase AWAY and DNA AWAY wipes are available in 25-wipe canisters and in 50-pack moist towelettes.

Molecular BioProducts, Inc. (MBP®) is a leading manufacturer of quality disposable lab supplies to the life-science industry, serving molecular biologists in the biotech, academic and pharmaceutical industries around the globe for more than 15 years.

The extensive MBP branded product line consists of the ART® (Aerosol Resistant Tip) self-sealing barrier, BioRobotixä for most automated workstations, HYDROLOGIXä, REACHä, EasyStartä, SoftFitTM, RNase AWAY®, DNA AWAY ®, PurePakä, HotStartä, BreakThruä and PCR accessories.

MBP additionally meets the demands of the liquid-handing market with its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and private label divisions. For more information or to request a free sample, log on to, send an email to [email protected], or contact MBP at (800) 955-2787.

Pharmaceutical Wipes

San Diego, Calif., June 2006

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