APOLLO 1000 - Single Channel Free Radical Analyzer

World Precision Instruments Inc

Available sensors - nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, ATP, glucose and pH.

Measure NO in real time in vivo and in vitro
Analog and digital circuits are separate, allowing you to combine ion concentrations with other types of signals (BP, force, etc.) with the data acquisition system of your choice.

Single Channel Free Radical Analyzer

You control signal conditioning - adjust filters, gains and smoothing to suit your signal, or use templates in the Data-Trax software.

Poise Voltage Control - The Apollo 1000 has a poise voltage range of 0V~ ±2V. In addition, the Apollo 1000 can allow the poise voltage to be driven by an external signal. The split supply (+ and - voltages) together with the external command allow cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse polarography and a host of other electro-chemical techniques not possible with DC poise voltages. In this connection, if the poise voltage is changing with time the preferred medium of display is the XY plot.

Potentiometric input - In addition to its free radical sensor input, the Apollo1000 has a separate potentiometric input. This is a 1015 input, capable of accepting pH electrodes directly without buffer amps. Because of the linear calibration feature in Data-Trax, other units such as pCa or pK can be easily set up even if the slope of the sensor is unknown.

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