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To illustrate how they work and the proven end-user benefits, we have grouped them together under the following applications.


Chemically stored oxygen in the form of CHLORATE CANDLES is used by a number of navies for safety and maintenance reasons. Molecular Products has been manufacturing high quality CHLORATE CANDLES since 1990.

The candle, which produces oxygen by the thermal decomposition of chlorate compounds, is available in two forms - the self-contained, which reacts in its own functional packaging, and the chamber type, which produces its oxygen in a dedicated chamber mounted within the submarine.

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Molecular Products has built up a successful network of knowledgeable agents and distributors around the world, ensuring that CHLORATE CANDLES are available to users worldwide.

Chlorate Candles

Products include:

Chlorate Candle 20
Chlorate Candle 33
Chlorate Candle SCOG 26

Oxygen Generators

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