Seven Compact

Mettler Toledo

Seven Compact™ Benchtop Meters

METTLER TOLEDO has launched 2 new benchtop meters for pH, ion concentration, ORP and conductivity measurements. The SevenCompact units fulfill analytical requirements in the pharmaceutical, chemical, academia, food & beverage, biotech and cosmetics industries.

Benchtop Meters

They are ideal for use in a wide range of workplaces, such as quality control and R&D.

  • SevenCompact pH/Ion S220 - multi-language benchtop meter for pH/ ORP/ ion measurements with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) and 5 point calibration.
  • SevenCompact Conductivity S230 - multi-language benchtop meter for conductivity/ salinity/ TDS/ resistivity/ Conductivity Ash with ISM®. Besides covering the standard conductivity applications, the S230 has been designed to fulfill the regulatory needs of segments such as the micro-electronics, bio-ethanol and sugar industries.

Seven Compact is equipped with the new Intelligent Sensor Management® technology, which supports the user in many ways:

  • Correct identification of the sensor is guaranteed upon connection to the meter. The sensor type and serial number is automatically recognised.
  • Calibration data, including date and time, is stored on the sensor. This eliminates mistakes when transferring the sensor to another instrument. 
  • Extra security functions like checking the calibration history or the maximum temperature that a sensor has been exposed to help maximise the uptime of your equipment. The meters are GLP compliant so you can have a complete peace of mind.

Please visit the website for more information on Seven Compact™ Benchtop Meters or contact METTLER TOLEDO.

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