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LABCOLD is the UK’s largest specialist manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-related products dedicated to the Scientific and Healthcare industries. The company, founded in 1932, has over 40 year’s experience in the field of laboratory and medical refrigeration and, unlike other refrigeration companies, Labcold is not involved in domestic or catering products but concentrates entirely on medical and technical applications.

The acknowledged UK market leader in blood and blood products storage Labcold also has strong product offerings in the fields of laboratory, scientific and medical research, and pharmacy refrigeration.

Labcold is accredited to ISO9001: 2000 and ISO13485: 2003 (Medical Device Manufacturer) and is a contracted supplier to the Public Sector through the Office of Government Commerce and the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency. The company, based in Basingstoke, remains a private, independent, British concern and is wholly owned by its directors and senior staff.

Laboratory Freezer Storage

Labcold offers one of the widest ranges of Laboratory freezer storage systems dedicated to laboratory use. Choice of range and model depends on application, size and temperature requirement. Sparkfree laboratory freezers, available in upright and chest formats, are the default safety choice if there is any danger of flammable vapours being present within the chamber.

Advanced freezers offer higher levels of control and performance, with forced air circulation, all within a robust all-metal constructed chassis. For applications at colder temperatures Labcold offer –40oC super freezers and –80oC Ultra low temperature freezers in a range of sizes and configurations. To improve storage and retrieval of samples from frozen storage Labcold offers sample storage and inventory systems tailored to their products and the requirements of the customer.

Temperature Logging Equipment

Labcold laboratory temperature logging equipment, available to UK customers only, are of two distinct types: Labcold self-contained loggers are small, passive, stand-alone devices, which may be configured to log temperature information, which can be retrieved for later storage and evaluation. Labcold data loggers are applied widely in both fixed and mobile temperature regulated applications such as laboratory sample transport.These products find wide application in both static and transportable temperature controlled environments for example lab samples in transit. For customers with static applications who require more features Labcold provide centralised monitoring systems featuring real-time temperature indication and alarm facilities together with event, alarm and temperature recording and download. Labcold monitoring systems are capable of monitoring up to 96 inputs from environments as cold as -200 oC.

Laboratory Ice Makers

Labcold-ITV laboratory ice maker machines are available in a choice of convenient sizes for laboratory and hospital use with a choice of flake or cube ice models. Compact design, automatic operation and fail-safe features make these models an attractive choice.

In the cube ice makers the ice is cylindrical in shape and is produced using a unique spray system featuring a patented design of spray made from a pliable, stretchable material to counteract the build up of limescale.

The ice flakes produced by Labcold-ITV flake ice machines are soft and of good consistency – making this type of ice ideal for laboratory and medical applications by readily moulding itself around the surfaces of items requiring cooling and providing optimum heat exchange.

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