10 Colours in a Single Print Run

Euker Druck

Our new UV flexographic printing press for self-adhesive labels

  • Significantly lower material consumption
  • Minimum running noise and maximum stability
  • Shorter setup times
  • Optimum ecology

These are the advantages of the new UV flexographic printing press, installed by Euker in October.

UV Flexographic Printing Press

Simple use and high process reliability make the flexographic process the most widely used printing process for selfadhesive labels. For this reason we have decided to extend our machinery by adding this UV flexographic printing press. This new machine has made our production more ecological as well as more efficient. A particularly short run of only 1.1 meters from printing unit to printing unit and shortened setup times resulting from the servodrive equipment, significantly increase the productivity of thE UV flexographic printing press with its 10 printing units. Even the finest colour gradients and smallest fonds can be printed. Smallest registration mark tolerance and a complete image and text comparison ensure high quality.

The optional insetting unit allows a second print run and therefore far more than 10 colours or finishes. This new UV flexographic printing press now makes it possible for us to offer labels in particularly large formats up to 330 x 500 mm as well as different finishes such as lamination with various printing varnishes or cold foil embossing. The cold UV unit, which is cooled down to room temperature with water, also makes it possible to print heat-sensitive foils such as shrink sleeves or other shrink-type labels. A further innovation is the production of inmould labels, which are very popular in the food industry sector.

A new, high resolution image setter was installed specifically for this new UV flexographic printing press to enhance the high print quality.

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