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Founded in 1999, Cryo Store b.v. have developed themselves to become a reliable, full service partner for organisations within the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and food industries. The company operates from their Netherlands base and are specialists in the areas of Bio-storage, Bio-banking, and the packing and logistics of temperature sensitive products and samples.


Cryo Store's speciality in bio-banking, which began ten years ago bio-banking pharmaceutical samples, allows them to provide long-term storage for biological materials along with distribution services to customers and collaborators.

The safety of every product stored in their facility is paramount to Cryo Store and they ensure this by only allowing trained staff members to enter the storage facilities. The systems themselves feature back up systems and data management software to allow complete control of every environmental aspect. Samples can be store from -196ºC right up to room temperature.

Security at facilities is also a serious focus which each batch, product or sample barcode labeled making it traceable right through to its final destination. Extensive experience in logistics ensures that every item is delivered in excellent condition.

Speciality PackagingCryo Store are able to provide a range of different packaging solutions designed to meet specific needs and provide the best option for individual transport requirements, including as time and cost. New innovations in storage and distribution technologies are always being sort by Cryo Store to provide the best service possible.

The companies packaging products provide a range of unique solutions for those with specific requirements such as special packaging to ship biological specimens/clinical samples under class UN3372 which comply with the ADR/ICAO/IATA P650 packaging requirements.

The packaging solutions from Cryo store are made up of the temperature controlled box for insulation, a cooling material such as dry ice or gel packs, a packaging material including seal-bags or foil, instructions and the necessary labels and shipping documents. When requested, it is also possible for Cryo Store to produce bespoke product packaging.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

EPS - Expandable PolyStyrene BoxesThese are the most popular boxes when shipping temperature controlled goods due to their light weight and ideal isolation capabilities. There are a full range of production mould sizes available and the boxes are easily recycled or collected by Cryo Store if necessary.

TPC - Temperature Controlled PackagingTPC offers a capable alternative to EPS which doesn't require any production moulds but can be developed to meet a specified size. TPC also benefits those with a lack of space as it can be store flat. The strong, semi-rigid liner is impervious to cracks or splits when dropped protecting the goods inside and the unique design allows multiple products to be shipped together even is they require different temperature settings.

BioFoam® This new technology is a biologically degradable EPS with similar properties and is available in a variety of sizes. Due to its consumer to consumer focus, the design can be easily disposed of with household waste and its environmental considerations helps to complement a companies green image.

Cooling ProductsBecause Cryo Store understand that isolation alone will not be enough to maintain the condition of temperature sensitive goods they offer a collection of techniques to maintain the quality. The experienced staff will advise on which of these will be best for each individual package.

GelpacksGelpacks and cooling elements provide the best solution for maintaining the temperature of a package between -20ºC and +8ºC. There is a complete range of gelpacks available to meet each products requirements and a range of heating elements are also available which can be combined with TCP for shipments needing a higher temperature.

Dry IceDry ice is particularly suited to cooling items to below 0ºC for long periods and Cryo Store always have access to a sufficient store for shipping, packaging and back up.

Temperature Controlled Goods Logistics

Cryo Store's experience in the distribution of biological & clinical samples, scientific research products and temperature sensitive materials spans over ten years. They are able to arrange the pick up, pack and dispatch of turnkey solutions along with all the required documentation. This provides the client with an effective and timely delivery of their goods.

Courier companies such as TNT, UPS and Fedex are worked with closely by Cryo Store ensuring no dependency on one network. This allows them to reach most European locations in 24 to 48 hours and other locations around the world can be reached out side this time limit. Tracking is possible and daily reports will be sent to the client until final delivery.

Cryo Store is the ideal partner for temperature sensitive product storage, packaging and distribution thanks to their extensive experience and innovative solutions.

Distributing and Handling Temperature-Controlled GoodsCryo Store BV is a Dutch logistics company with more than ten years experience in biotech distributing and the handling of temperature-controlled goods. We are specialized in low temperature storage and shipping, using dry ice, liquid nitrogen and gel-packs. Based in the heart of Europe, we have fast access to our neighbouring countries, reducing delivery times to a minimum. We provide customers with a significant advantage, enabling their products to reach destinations throughout Europe within 24 - 48 hours. As distribution and storage specialists, we don't sell clients' products, we concentrate our efforts in effective, timely and cost-efficient shipping and storage down to -196°C.Distribution - Shipping Boxes and Dry-Ice ProductionCryo Store prides itself on distributing client's products to meet the exacting standards of each company. We have a wide range of shipping boxes available, which are labelled according to international transport standards and can be personalised with individual company logos. Additionally, anywhere in Europe we have dry-ice production on-site. We also have numerous options available for shipping products quickly and safely in the temperature range of ambient to -196°C. We use only the best couriers for shipping and have a comprehensive tracking system throughout the whole transport process right through to delivery notification.Low TemperatureWe offer storage at temperatures between ambient and -196°C, with facilities for either long-term or distribution storage. All our temperature control storage facilities meet the highest safety standards regarding temperature control and emergency back up. We are also able to offer 1/5 freezer space for those products, which don't require a whole freezer, and at a reasonable cost. Our low temperature freezers (-80°C) have a capacity of up to 900l.Cryogenic Storage for Clinical TrialsPharmaceutical companies, CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) or Hospitals often produce an enormous amount of sample vials which, after research, have to stored for at least a couple of years at cryogenic temperatures. Often these organizations do not have the space, equipment or capacity to arrange long term storage. This is where Cryo Store offers a unique service. We will store all sample material for the customer as long as needed. Storage at our facility is a lot cheaper then at a CRO or Hospital. The moment we receive the samples or collect them the customer can already decide after how many years or months the samples can be discarded, preventing longer storage then needed.Customer ProductsWe offer the following products to our customers:

  • Temperature loggers, including a special disposable logger for use in dry ice
  • Specialist blood storage and thawing products
  • NEW Control Temp Packaging boxes
  • Cool packs and gel packs
  • Temperature test facility
  • Freezers, all temperature ranges

Control Temp Packaging

We are always on the lookout for new and better shipping boxes to ship temperature sensitive products. We look for lower environmental impact, better insulation and less storage volume. We have found this product: Control Temp Packaging, produced by RNC Industries. It has superior insulation, a rugged design, saves space because you can store it flat, requires no tooling for new sizes, is made of recyclable and earth friendly materials and contains very little oil based plastic.Cost Effective Storage and 'Dropship' FacilitiesOur goal is to offer biotech and pharmaceutical companies a gateway to Europe by offering reliable, comprehensive and cost-efficient storage and 'dropship' facilities. The benefits of using Cryo Store include:

  • Expanding sales to the European market with minimum logistics investment
  • Virtual appearance on European markets
  • No investment in storage space or personnel
  • Fast delivery of products anywhere in Europe
  • Cost reduction
  • Sample shipping facilities
  • Confidential and discreet service

At Cryo Store we have the industry experience, technical know-how and comprehensive, reliable infrastructure to solve your daily distribution headache, allowing you to concentrate on your business, confident that all your distribution and storage needs are being taken care of.

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