PEGylation Technology Extended to Single Domain Antibodies


Almac will be attending the annual Bio Industry Association convention BIO 2010 where they will announce the extension of their unique site specific PEGylation technology to cover single domain antibody fragments.

PEGylation Technology

In exemplifying the site specific PEGylation technology with single domain antibodies and interferons Almac have demonstrated that therapeutically important complex biological proteins can be engineered to offer viable candidates for development as therapeutic agents.

Currently available PEGylation technologies produce products which are PEGylated at multiple sites in an uncontrolled manner. This inevitably results in a heterogeneous population of PEGylated molecules resulting in a net decrease in potency compared to the un-PEGylated analogue.

Single Domain Antibody Fragments

The Almac approach allows the specific PEGylation site to be selected and controlled and generates a homogeneous PEGylated product. The result is improved efficacy compared to existing PEGylation techniques leading to lower dose levels and consequently lower cost of goods; while still providing improved ADME profile due to the addition of the PEG moiety.

Commenting on the development of Almac’s site specific ligation technology  Almac Sciences’ President and Managing Director, Stephen Barr said ‘The application of our unique ligation technology to the PEGylation of single domain antibody fragments further demonstrates the benefit of Almac’s state of the art peptide and protein engineering techniques for the improvement of drug products.’

Almac will be exhibiting at the BIO meeting in Chicago and will be available to provide more information on site specific PEGylation at booth 5205.

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