Slot Coating Suppliers

Slot coating can be deposited and dispensed uniformly at a controlled rate onto steel, glass and plastic substrates. Maintaining fluid temperatures produces even and defined coating widths. Advantages of this method include production speeds, waste management control, defect-free coatings, coat weight management and cross-web control. Flat panel displays, photovoltaic panels and solid-state lighting use slot coating methods. Browse our list suppliers for products and details on slot coating techniques and machines.

  • FMP Technology

    Fluid Mechanics, Coating Devices and Diffusion Dryers

    FMP Technology are leaders within the field of fluid mechanics, developing technology to provide innovative solutions for the packaging market. Their main focus remains coating technology devices and diffusion dryers.

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    Am Weichselgarten-34, Erlangen, D-91058
  • TSE Troller AG

    Die Coating Technology, Premetered Coating Methods, Slot Curtain and Slide Dies

    More than 45 years of experience and know-how in the development and production of premetered coating dies have made TSE Troller a world leading specialist in the applied coating technology sector.

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    Aareweg 6, Murgenthal, CH-4853
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