Schur Flexible Ltd

Schur – more than 155 years of packaging

In Schur innovation and tradition goes hand in hand. For more than 155 years the Schur family has been at the head of the company.

Schur has influenced developments in the world of printing and graphics for more than 155 years. The company is one of Denmark’s oldest, and it is probably the oldest packaging business in the world run on family lines. It was founded on 2 June 1846 by Johan Wilhelm Schur and is managed today by the fifth generation, Hans Schur.

All our activities – including thinking – are based on the customer, the customer’s needs and situation. We spend a lot of time with the customer because we understand the Schur meaning of ‘presence’.

We investigate and carry out assignments at the customer's company together with the customer. We relieve pressure, we anticipate events and we share our knowledge and creativity with the customer. We make the customer feel safe and secure, because we offer full service to all departments at the customer's company which we come into contact with.

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